Monday, March 13, 2017

March 14

1999 - Bill Clinton's administration conceded the Chinese gained technology stolen from a federal nuclear weapons lab, but insisted the government responded decisively.

Yet Americans obsessed over blowjobs and blue dresses.

Forget Bill's sex, ethics and morals problems. His obliteration of the U.S. military and intelligence gathering communities was the greatest reason why the Clinton legacy should be that of shame...He was a scoundrel on many counts but his handling of national security (China, North Korea and ignoring the Islamists - along with hollowing out the military) was pathetic.  A reality we continue to pay for decades later.

1883 - German political philosopher Karl Marx died in London. He published, with Friedrich Engels, the 'Communist Manifesto.'

Few deaths warrant notice, but Marxist thought played an enormous role in 20th Century politics...And continues to this day.

Incredibly, Americans continue giving it a long look.

1939 - The Republic of Czechoslovakia was dissolved and soon occupied by Germany.

Hitler had to be amazed he could get away with this with no repercussion from his European ‘enemies’...In fact, he was perturbed, and realized he had to invade the Poles in order to pull the French and Brits into his hoped for war.

1945 - The heaviest conventional bomb of World War II, the 22,000-pound 'Grand Slam,' was dropped by the Royal Air Force's Dambuster Squadron on the Bielefeld railway viaduct in Germany.

Too bad they didn’t have more.

This big-fella wouldn’t even make a dent compared to the bombs we have nowadays - nuclear or conventional.

1983 - The Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries agreed for the first time ever to cut prices hoping to regain control over the world oil market.

Just imagine what OPEC will have to do if the Russians figure out how to properly drill in Siberia, and if the U.S. ever pulls its head out of its ass and starts fulfilling it's full energy producing potential.

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