Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March 15

44 B.C. - The 'Ides of March': Julius Caesar was stabbed to death in the Roman Senate by a group of conspirators led by Cimber, Casca, Cassius, and Marcus Junius Brutus.

The Roman Republic had been in a steady process of collapse, and Caesar was on the verge of ending it.  The senators who assassinated Caesar thought killing him might save the once mighty republic - at least that was their claim...In reality, they simply wanted a bigger role in the nation's power structure.

Their hopes were crushed, however, because the great man's death simply led to another civil war, and the accession of Augustus.  Which ultimately ended the 'Republic' and created the 'Empire.'

493 - Odoacer the Barbarian, King of Italy, was killed by Theodoric the Ostrogoth (another barbarian).

Odoacer put an end to the succession of Roman emperors, but truth be told he had hopes of claiming the imperial title himself.

Unfortunately for Odoacer, the multitude of Germanic tribes were in no mood to be ruled by anyone and required many years before a semblance of order was re-established in Italy...Theordoric was the ruler who finally got things under control.

1781 - The Battle of Guilford Court House: American Revolution.

The Brits had been pursuing a different strategy of taking the war to the south, in an attempt to pick up colonies believed to be more loyal to the crown than those in the north...And the strategy worked for awhile.

At Guilford Court House, the Brits technically won the battle, but it was 'Pyrrhic':  "Another such victory would ruin the British Army." - Charles James Fox (British Whig Party Leader)

1869 - The Cincinnati Red Stockings became the first professional baseball team.

A great game was in its early years, and this first pro team set the stage for the foundation of the 'major leagues':  The American League and National League, which eventually combined to make Major League Baseball.

1912 - Pitcher Cy Young retired from baseball with 511 wins.

He also retired with 316 losses.

It's unlikely anyone will catch Young's record for wins or losses.  Actually, it's almost an impossibility, because it would require 25-years of 20 wins per year in an era when few pitchers win 20 in any year.  It would also take 20-years of 15 losses per year, which would be impossible because a pitcher who kept losing 15 games per year would never make it 20 years in the league.

The second winningest pitcher ever is Walter Johnson with 417, and the modern-era pitcher with the most is Greg Maddux with 355 - neither got close to Young...So, his marks are probably the safest records in all American sports.

For that matter, it's unlikely anyone will even get to Johnson's 400 wins.

1916 - President Woodrow Wilson sent 12,000 U.S. troops under General Pershing into Mexico to capture revolutionary leader Pancho Villa, who had staged several cross-border raids.

Can you imagine if the modern press was around back then? They would have blasted President Wilson for not doing enough to catch Pancho, who was never captured.

It takes an incredible amount of luck to catch one man on the run in a foreign land (his own land), where the populace will defend and hide him...As we found out with Bin Laden.

1917 – Nicholas II, last Czar of Russia, was forced to abdicate his throne (March 2, Old Style Calendar).

Nikki and his family were lucky three days earlier the Mensheviks abolished the death penalty...The Bolsheviks wouldn't have given him such a break.

Those unfamiliar with the Revolution should know it wasn’t until September 1917 that Lenin and the Bolsheviks began taking control of the Revolution. The Mensheviks were the ones who saved the Czar, but Lenin made sure the ‘Last Czar’ would shortly be dead.

1928 - Benito Mussolini altered the Italian electoral system:  He abolished the right to choose.

That would be funny if it wasn't.

1944 - The German-held Italian town of Monte Cassino was devastated by Allied bombs:  WWII.

War is Hell, and nothing should be off-limits when it comes to victoriously ending a war...Especially if an objective is vital and will save the lives of American troops.

I find it humorous, and completely disingenuous, to hear the same jackasses who cry about the destruction of this monastery complaining about the evils of religion...They don’t care about Monte Cassino, they just want to bitch about the use of force.

1988 - Paul Simon defeated Jesse Jackson in the Illinois Democratic primary.

Hahaha! Jesse couldn’t even beat a ‘pop-singer’ in his own home-state...Alright, he didn’t lose to ‘that’ Paul Simon, but what’s the difference?

1993 - Searchers found the body of the sixth and last missing victim of the World Trade Center bombing in New York.

We often say we will ‘never forget 9/11/01’, but most have long forgotten the first attempt on the WTC...Americans are a people of short memories, and our enemies are counting on our historical negligence.

Have you forgotten??  I'm sure the Jihadis haven't.

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