Saturday, April 15, 2017

April 16

1917 - After years in exile, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin returned to Russia, beginning the Bolshevik period of the Russian Revolution.

Most think Lenin started the Russian Revolution, but he didn't...Lenin was on the sidelines trying to return (traveling from Switzerland to Russia was extremely difficult due to WWI), and of all the future Soviet leaders Leon Trotsky had the largest role in the beginning stages.

That said, Lenin's arrival was the beginning of the end for the Mensheviks and any hopes the Czar had of reclaiming power...It also meant the Russians would soon be exiting WWI.

1876 - Reynolds v. United States:  The U.S. Supreme Court decided freedom of religion has its limits. In particular, the idea that polygamy is immoral is based on the Christian Bible. Basically the court said, you can have any belief you want but the state retains the option of determining if you can practice your belief.

That was then; this is now...And the now is on the verge of becoming a free-for-all.

Polygamy will be the next fight in the battle to destroy traditional relationships - not just marriage...Unless the Pedophile, Necrophiliac, Bestial or Robo crowd beat the polygamists to the punch that is.

1939 - Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin requested a Russo-French-British anti-Nazi pact.

Stalin could see the writing on the wall, and was looking for the best deal prior to the run-up to WWII...He didn't want to get in bed with Hitler if he could trust the Brits and French to ally with him against Germany, but he couldn't get such a deal.

Instead he gave in to Hitler and not only made the war possible, he helped start it in Poland and Finland.

1944 - The U.S. began planning 'Operation Olympic': The invasion of Japan.

Any time you hear Liberals cry about the U.S. using the Atom Bombs on Japan remind them this invasion was the other option...Which would have been much worse than the combined destruction of the Atom Bombs - thoroughly destroying Japan and it's culture, as well as killing many, many millions of people.

And let's not forget, just like the Germans, the Japanese brought all of these problems on themselves.

1945 - The Soviet Red Army began the Battle of Berlin:  WWII.

This was the final, deciding, battle between Nazism and Communism..It was a case where there was no ‘good guy’ in the battle, but it is likely (though debatable) the ‘lesser of two evils’ eventually won.

Needless to say, the Germans paid a terrible price in this battle for the tremendous suffering they brought on the Soviets in the previous four years.

1947 - Financier and presidential confidant Bernard M. Baruch said in a speech: "Let us not be deceived – we are today in the midst of a cold war."

There were plenty of periods where it was 'hot' as well.

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