Thursday, April 06, 2017

April 7 (A Quadruple)

30 - By many scholars' reckoning (as well as John the Apostle), Jesus Christ was crucified by Roman troops in Jerusalem.

Is this really the date of Christ's death? Who knows, and who cares - the date isn’t important...The event, followed by Christ's resurrection, and it's influence on human history is what's important

Whether you believe in the Resurrection or not, there is little doubt Christ was crucified...There have been few events with such enormous influence.

1966 - The United States recovered a hydrogen bomb it had lost off the coast of Spain.

Uhhhhhh, how ridiculous is it to ‘lose’ a hydrogen bomb? I wonder how long President Johnson was able to keep this a secret.

Can you imagine if it happened today? The jackals in the media would probably tip off al Qaeda about the general area where the bomb was lost...I can see the area map on CNN pinpointing the 'last known location,' with a big neon sign saying 'Terrorists, look here.'

1978 - President Carter ended U.S. production of the neutron bomb.

Another big thank-you-not to the worst American president of the 20th Century.

So, what is a neutron bomb?  The tactical neutron bomb/enhanced radiation warhead is a nuclear weapon which maximizes damage to people but minimizes damage to buildings and equipment - a specialized thermonuclear weapon which produces a minimal blast but releases large amounts of lethal radiation which can penetrate armor or several feet of earth.

Incredibly, President Bush the Elder ordered the destruction of any neutron bombs the U.S. had already produced...Allegedly.

It's widely believed the Chinese have neutron bombs, and who knows who else does...Nice to know, aye?!?!

Another thing to keep in mind:  Throughout history, countries who have fallen behind the weapons-technology curve have usually been defeated by those who pass them...Sure the U.S. is ahead of everyone else at this time, but this time will not last forever.

1994 - Hutu extremists in Rwanda began massacring ethnic Tutsis and politically moderate Hutus. In 100-days of killing it's estimated 800,000 were murdered.

That’s an awesome number in such a short time-span (8,000/day). Even Hitler’s Henchmen would be proud of such butchery.

And all this happened under the watchful eye of the World’s Largest Debating Society - Otherwise known as the Circle Jerk Group - Otherwise known as the United Nations.

Reason #4,962,861 we must never wait for the U.N. to give us the 'thumb's up' to protect our national interest - or any interests we deem worthy of protecting...Besides that, they never give us the thumb's up, they give us the middle-finger.

At least President Clinton wasn’t sleeping at the wheel though. He was just too busy getting hummers to care...But, in classic Bill Clinton fashion, he gave a great 'sorry' speech a year later to make up for it all.

1862 - Union forces defeated the Confederates at the Battle of Shilo:  U.S. Civil War.

Since forts Henry and Donaldson, General Grant had been making a name for himself...It was at Shiloh, however, that he first became known to President Lincoln, who was starving for a ‘fighting general.’

1923 - The Workers Party of America officially became a communist party.

Shocking!  Not...It's only a matter of time till their union and Democrat brethren come out of the closet as well.

1939 - Italy invaded Albania.

Mussolini was flexing his muscle...LOL!!

Kicking Albania around was a joke, but it did give Hitler reason to hope Il Duce would have some value...LOL, again!!!

1948 - The World Health Organization was founded.

This is the one and only shining light in the United Nations...The WHO has done an incredible amount of good for the world, and is the only U.N. program worthy of funding with American dollars.

Sadly, even at that it's a massively corrupt agency.

1970 - A U.S. court confirmed it closed the investigation of Senator Ted Kennedy over the car crash in which Mary Jo Kopechne died at Chappaquiddick in 1969.

How the Duke of Chappaquiddick got away with this is beyond me...I guess M.J. Kopechne's life wasn’t worth a damn.

1980 - President Jimmy Carter broke off diplomatic relations with Iran and ordered all Iranian embassy staff out of the country because of the detention of the U.S. embassy hostages in Tehran.

Another brilliant move. NOT!!

The dumb ass should have never allowed the Ayatollah to return, and should have made him pay with his life for holding American citizens hostage.

1984 - The U.S. Census Bureau reported Los Angeles overtook Chicago as the nation's 'second city' in terms of population.

And that didn’t even include the Illegals living in L.A...Phoenix will be next to pass Chicago - but in our time the Illegals will be counted.

1998 - President Bill Clinton held a town meeting in Kansas City regarding the future of Social Security.

Why was Clinton doing this? His cronies have been saying there is nothing wrong with the ‘National Noose’...Hmmm?!?!

2000 - Social Security Earnings Tests ended. Americans age 65-69 are now able to earn as much money as they want without losing Social Security benefits under this bill signed by President Clinton.

I see nothing wrong with this decision - why shouldn't they recoup what they put in? - but do find it funny the Democrats blame Bush for this reality even though it was Bubba who signed it, not Bush.

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