Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 13

1954 - The United States, Great Britain and France reached an accord on Indochina, dividing Vietnam into two countries - North and South along the 17th parallel.

Someone should have made sure Ho Chi Minh was on board.

Dividing the country in two was a formula for disaster in Korea, and should have been recognized as the same in Vietnam...Unfortunately, none of the signatories above had the stomach to uphold the treaty.

1643 - The Battle of Roundway Down: English Civil War.  English Parliamentarians were defeated by the Royalists under Prince Maurice.

This was one of the few victories for the crown, which received many 'whoopins' from the Parliamentarians in the near future...It was also the greatest cavalry battle of the civil war.

1863 - Anti-draft riots broke out in several Northern U.S. cities when many citizens opposed being drafted into the Union Army. In New York City alone, hundreds were killed and there was over $2 million in property damage. Hostility was vented mostly against blacks, as they were considered the cause of the 'War Between the States.'

These same 'Northern U.S. cities' are today’s pansies as well.

It is interesting to note their anger at blacks...I hope you aren't foolish enough to think this wasn’t (isn't) the case in the North.

1977 - Electricity went out for 25-hours in New York City due to a short in neighboring Westchester County. 776 looters were arrested, 100 policemen injured, nearly 500 fires reported, and $135 million worth of property was damaged or destroyed.

I’m sure Al Qaeda is familiar with this event...If I were them this would be one of the many terror plans I'd pursue.

1983 - The U.S. Senate approved, 50-49, the production of nerve gas weaponry, with Vice President George Bush casting the tie-breaking vote.

We have 'nerve gas weaponry'???? I am so shocked!! Not.

I'm sure most of our enemies have them as well.

1995 - President Bill Clinton denounced a base-closing list for the damage it would do to California and Texas, but then approved the package while promising to save jobs in those states.

Someone forgot to tell Bill, and his Liberal jackass pals who hate the military, the function of military bases is to support the needs of the military, not to create artificial jobs for those living around them.

This is why they are called military bases, instead of ‘civilian welfare plants.'

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