Saturday, July 15, 2017

July 16 (A Triple)

622 - The Hajj: The starting point of the Muslim era. Islamic prophet, Mohammad and his disciples left Mecca for Medina.

This is a major point in Muslim history, and as such is an important one in world history.

Regardless of what one thinks of Islam there is no denying Mohammad is one of the top five figures in history - probably top three, and the religion he created is one of the most important entities as well.

1054 - The 'Great Schism' between the West and East churches began over rival claims of universal preeminence.

Pope Leo IX excommunicated Michael Cerularius, Patriarch of Constantinople...The Patriarch did the same to Pope Leo.

Western and Eastern Europe had been split since the time of the Roman Empire, but this event put a huge dent in what little relations they had...It took over 900-years before the two churches ended the Schism, with the edicts of Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras I.

1945 - The United States exploded the world's first experimental atomic bomb, in the desert of Alamogordo, New Mexico:  WWII.

WOW!!! Few events have ever changed the world as much as this one did.

”The device exploded with an energy equivalent to 19 kilotons of TNT. It left a crater in the desert 3 metres deep and 330 metres wide. At the time of detonation, the surrounding mountains were illuminated for one to two seconds. The observed colors of the illumination ranged from purple, to green, and eventually to white. The roar of the shock wave took 40 seconds to reach the observers. The shock wave was felt over 160 km away, and the mushroom cloud reached 12 km.” - Trinity Site

1429 - The Battle of Orleans: France, led by Joan of Arc, defeated the English.

The 'Maid of Orleans' saved the French’s ass, and as thanks they handed her over to the English to meet her death...Always have been, and always will be, a nation of ungrateful pricks.

1918 - Russia's Czar Nicholas II, his empress, and their five children were executed by the Bolsheviks.

How they made it out of 1917 I’ll never know, but the czar was eliminated and the Bolshevik Communists were in the process of firmly entrenching themselves in power.

1969 - Apollo 11 took off on the first manned flight to the moon.

These astronauts were the the Lewis and Clark’s of our time...No other country has ever done it, and it’s debatable if they ever will. But there is little doubt we can anytime we want to.

1979 - Saddam Hussein became President of Iraq.

The 'Butcher of Baghdad' finally took complete control of Iraq...He actually controlled it prior to this date - through various posts, but on this day he claimed the title.

1996 - President Bill Clinton told the National Governors Association he was granting states new powers to deny benefits to recipients who refuse to move from welfare to work.

A Liberal president made this Conservative decree...I don’t think any of the Republican presidents of the past 50-years could have gotten away with it, and regardless of his faults Clinton must be praised for this action.

Incredibly, President Obama more or less undid Clinton's work on this matter.

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