Sunday, July 16, 2017

July 17 (A Double)

1453 - The Battle of Castillon: The French routed the English, ending the Hundred Years War.

As a result of losing this war, the English lost almost every claim it had on the European continent, which it previously clung to as part of William the Conqueror's Norman holdings.

This was a major event in the history of France, because it secured it's western flank, allowing France to start expanding south and east.

It was also an important event for the English, even though it couldn't have been seen as such at the time...England became much more English and less French.  Which laid the foundation for the worldwide empire the U.K. became.

1982 - Ronald Reagan gave his 'Evil Empire' speech.

The Right Man, At the Right Place, At the Right Time!!! This is what Ronald Reagan was in the history of our great country...He was a man of conviction, and a man who said what he meant and meant what he said.

Reagan called the Soviets an 'Evil Empire,' and he meant it...He also meant to let them know their days were numbered.

Amazingly, the Liberal fools in the U.S. and Europe hated Reagan for using such a phrase...Much as they hated President George W. Bush when he spoke of an 'Axis of Evil' regarding global terrorism.

History will be just as kind to G.W. Bush as it has been to Reagan, because both were LEADERS. Not poll takers, pretenders or resigned to seeing the U.S. taken down a few pegs.

1789 - The French Third Estate declared itself a national assembly.

Most are confused by the term Third Estate, so lets go over it:

First Estate = The Clergy
Second Estate = The Nobility
Third Estate = Those not part of the First or Second

The creation of the National Assembly was a radical idea in France, where all power was previously in the hands of the Clergy and Nobility...In other words, they were trying to replicate what the Americans did.

1898 - Spain surrendered to the United States at Santiago, Cuba, ending the Spanish-American War.

This war marks the beginning of America's rise as a world power...It also marks the end of Spain pretending to be a world power.

1936 - The Spanish Civil War began when General Francisco Franco led an army revolt.

Normally a civil war in Spain would barely be news, but this event was much more than a Spanish war...The Spanish Civil War was a dress rehearsal for WWII, particularly for the Germans and Soviets.

1945 - President Harry Truman, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill met at the opening of the Potsdam Conference:  WWII.

Many look at the Potsdam Conference as a giant sell-out to the Soviets, because much of Central and Eastern Europe - including most of Germany - was more or less handed over to their control.

Truman is often rebuked for being outmaneuvered by Stalin, but the truth is he had no choice...The Soviet Army controlled the areas described in the treaty, and the only way they would have been removed is if Truman was willing to send in Ike, Bradley, Patton, and the troops. Which wasn't going to happen.

The Soviets did as much, if not more, of the fighting in the European Theatre of the war - as well as much more of the dying - and had a legitimate claim to what they'd consolidated...Reality isn't always pretty, but it is what it is.

1993 - U.N. forces in Somalia searched in vain for warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid.

Bill Clinton sent our troops into Somalia to take out a two-bit warlord...And did nothing but embarrass our troops and get them killed.

Bush sent our troops to one of the world's flash points (Iraq), and succeeded in capturing Saddam and his boys. Why is it the media and Liberals justify Clinton and Obama's wars, but not Bush's?

Bombs with (D) = Good, Bombs with (R) = Bad?

1994 - After leading police on a slow-speed chase on Southern California freeways, O.J. Simpson was arrested and charged with murder in the slayings of his ex-wife, Nicole, and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

This is still the most pathetic night of TV watching in my life - which says a lot....Why the helicopters didn't shoot his ass off the freeway I'll never know.

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