Wednesday, July 05, 2017

July 6 (A Double)

1885 - French bacteriologist Louis Pasteur inoculated the first human being, a boy who had been bitten by a rabid dog.

Pasteur is a giant, and should rank with the top scientists and most important people in history...His presence is felt in all of us who have received a vaccine, and also by those who haven't - because they are protected by those around them who have been vaccinated.
1923 - The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Russia, the Ukraine, White Russia, and Transcaucasia), established on paper December 30, 1922, became a reality.

The Hell State became a reality...There have been few before, and none since, which have matched its insanity, and it would still be around if not for the strength of American Conservatives.

1439 - The Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches signed the Decree of Union at the Council of Florence, creating an official union between the two churches.

Like most 'decrees,' this one was more of a political move than a religious one, and the majority of both branches wanted no part of the other...Either way, the union was short, and the two Christian religions were doomed to separation due to geography, cultural differences, and the Muslim conquest of much of Southeast and Eastern Europe.

1775 - The Continental Congress issued the 'Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms,' listing grievances but denying there was intent to become independent of Great Britain.

Almost a year to this date they changed their tone, and declared independence...Read the Document:
Declaration of Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms.

1854 - The Republican Party was formally established at a meeting in New York City.

Within six years the 'Party of Lincoln' won the White House, and America's future was turned upside-down...FOR THE BETTER!!

1989 - A Palestinian shouting "The glory of Allah!" grabbed the steering wheel of an Israeli bus, causing a crash which claimed 15 lives.

Many Muslims take joy in killing in Allah’s name; one of their many differences from Jews and Christians, who are commanded not to
“murder in God’s name.”

Most mistake the commandment of “thou shalt not kill” to mean, they can’t kill at all, which would forbid killing in self-defense as well...The commandment is properly understood as “thou shall not murder in God’s name.” -  Dennis Prager

2000 - The German Parliament offered a formal apology to Nazi-era slave and forced laborers passing a bill setting up a five billion-dollar compensation fund.

I suppose they feel like they are even now...Sick SOB's.

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