Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August 30

1932 - Hermann Goring was elected Chairman of the German Reichstag.

The Nazi strategy of conquering Germany through the ballot-box and constitutional means was truly brilliant.  Even if it wasn't necessarily pursued through peaceful means.

As a result of the Nazis capturing control of the Reichstag, Goring was in the process of dominating the legislative branch, and Hitler the executive. It wasn't long before the charade ended, and they assumed absolute power.

THE NAZIS WERE VOTED IN!!!!!  And took power through legal means.

An amazing fact, which must always be remembered, because under the proper conditions it could happen again...It could happen in the U.S., too.

30 B.C. (Debated date, often listed as August 31) – Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, committed suicide by letting a poisonous snake bite her breast.

Cleopatra was a master politician, and even though she was quite ugly, was able to use the power of seduction to keep Rome at bay for many years...Both Caesar and Mark Antony fell under her spell, but she made the mistake of not choosing the man who eventually won the Roman civil war:  Octavian - soon to be Augustus, Emperor of Rome.

FYI: I hope you know Cleopatra was a Greek/Macedonian, not Egyptian...She descended from the Ptolemaic Dynasty, the Macedonian rulers who succeeded Alexander the Great in Egypt.

She also wasn't Muslim...I shouldn't have to say it, but I'm afraid the insanity of the American education system requires me to.

1146 - European leaders outlawed the crossbow intending to end war for all time.

Ending war has long been a hope, and has been nothing more than a Utopian pipe-dream.

As long as human-beings exist on the planet there will be war...By nature we are animals. It just happens to be that we are animals with the capacity to fight and kill on a much grander scale than any other animal.

1363 - The Battle of Lake Poyang.

Mongol control over China was faltering, and in this great battle - one of the largest naval battles in history - the Mongols took a thorough beating...One of many on the way towards losing their enormous empire in the coming decades.

1941 - The Siege of Leningrad began when Nazi forces cut off the last rail link between Leningrad and the rest of the Soviet Union:  WWII.

This siege was part of the overall battle, and signaled the isolation of Leningrad from the rest of the Soviet Union.

The Germans decimated Leningrad, and the city should have died. Almost a million Soviets did...In fact, more Soviets died in this single battle than Americans died in World War I and II combined.

How the city held out for 2 ½ years is amazing, and a testament to a people with an unconquerable will…I highly recommend you read '
The 900 Days'.

1963 - The 'Hot Line' communication link between Washington and Moscow went into operation.

This is an early warning system in case of an accidental missile launch...Question is, if it ever had to be used would either side believe it was an accident? And how would they react?

1982 - PLO leader Yasir Arafat bid an emotional farewell to Beirut and left for Greece. Carrying a large olive branch, Arafat began his last day in Beirut with a farewell courtesy call on the headquarters of the People's Socialist Party.

Check out this ‘great man of peace’ walking around with an olive branch...Arafat was nothing more than a 'Hitler in a headdress,' and I hope his ’72 virgins’ are goats - male goats.

1995 - NATO forces pounded the Bosnian Serbs with artillery and air attacks in hopes of bludgeoning them into serious peace talks.

How come we never hear from Liberals about Clinton's indiscriminate bombing of 'innocent civilians' in Bosnia and Serbia?? Hmmmm???

Oh, I forgot: Bombs with (R) = Bad, Bombs with (D) = Good...As we've seen with Obama.

1997 - Americans (and others in the Western Hemisphere) learned of the deaths of Princess Diana, her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, and their driver, Henri Paul, in a car crash in a Paris traffic tunnel. Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones survived. (Because of the time difference, it was the morning of August 31st in Paris when Diana was pronounced dead.)

This event was the second most overblown media event in my lifetime...After O.J., of course.

I feel sorry for these three deaths, but the media coverage was a complete joke.

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