Saturday, September 02, 2017

September 4

1886 - Chief Geronimo and the Apache Indians surrendered to General Miles at Skeleton Canyon, Arizona, an event signifying the end of the Indian Wars.

The American Indians lost the war the day they allowed the 'White Man' to land in the New World...A lesson they had no chance to learn from, but one every civilization must understand or run the risk of losing its civilization.

Such is the history of man. It's not pretty; it just is - and always will be.

1820 - Czar Alexander declared the Russian influence in North America extended as far south as Oregon and closed Alaskan waters to foreigners.

Thank God for Seward and his 'folly.' Try to imagine if the Soviets controlled the Alaska Territory...Uncle Joe would have had a field day, and could have wreaked havoc from close up on the U.S.

Vlad Putin would be difficult as well.

1917 - The American Expeditionary Force in France suffered its first fatalities in World War I.

There were many more to follow, but the entrance of the U.S. into the war signaled the beginning of the end of World War I.

1957 - Governor Faubus of Arkansas called out National Guard troops to prevent the integration of black students into Central High School in Little Rock.

Lets play a guessing game:  Governor Faubus was a Democrat or a Republican racist son of a bitch??

Of course he was a Democrat!!!

1967 - Michigan Governor George Romney told a TV interview he'd undergone "brainwashing" by U.S. officials during a 1965 visit to Vietnam. A comment which damaged Romney's bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

I'm shocked this 'damaged' his bid...I can't imagine why.

1994 - On the eve of a U.N.-sponsored conference on population in Cairo, Egypt, Vice President Al Gore told NBC the United States was seeking a blueprint for world population growth that rejected abortion as a family planning tool and an international right.

WHOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAA!! I hope you read that correctly, or will re-read it to make sure you got it.

Gore and the Clinton Administration 'rejected abortion as a family planning tool'!!!!!

Try to imagine the outcry from the Left if it had come from a Republican.

1997 - The U.S. Supreme Court refused to block a California law prohibiting racial preferences in government hiring and school admissions:  Proposition 209.

Of course the SCOTUS did...Affirmative Racism is wrong as Hell.

So, why do we have it in every other state and institution? Why does every incidence have to be prosecuted instead of just ending the insanity?

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