Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October 11 (A Double)

1939 - A letter from Albert Einstein was delivered to President Franklin Roosevelt concerning the possibility of atomic weapons:  WWII.

Try to imagine a world with Nazi nuclear capability? A world of unimaginable horrors...This alone is the only reason needed when asked “why did the U.S. go to war with Germany when Germany didn’t attack the U.S.”
1944 - Japan announced it would "fight to the last man, woman, child, weapon, and piece of equipment":  WWII.

This alone is the only reason needed when asked 'why did we have to drop the atom-bombs on Japan?'

1521 - Pope Leo X gave King Henry VIII of England the title of 'Defender of the Faith' following the publication of his book against Martin Luther.

This is the same Henry VIII who was soon excommunicated from the Church...Such was religious politics in the 16th Century.

And make no mistake, religion has always been political.

1776 - The first naval Battle of Lake Champlain: American Revolutionary War.  Forces, led by General Benedict Arnold, suffered heavy losses, but managed to stall the British.

Remember, Benedict Arnold was a hero of the Revolution before he turned traitor...Between this battle and the First Battle of Saratoga, there were few who did more on the battlefield to help the American cause.

1868 - Thomas Edison filed papers for his first invention, an electrical vote recorder to rapidly tabulate floor votes in Congress. Members of Congress rejected it.

The genius was emerging, even though his first devise was shot down...It’s funny Congress couldn’t even recognize the importance of a a simple vote counter; a shortsightedness which hasn't gone away in our time - yet we assume they can effectively rule and mandate so much of our lives.

1993 - In Haiti, army-backed thugs prevented American troops from landing as part of a U.N. peace mission and drove away U.S. diplomats waiting to greet the soldiers.

Such was the Clinton Military...How in the world did a rag-tag group of Haitians stop forces from the greatest military in the history of the world? The troops should have mowed these fools down, and completed their mission. Instead they were ordered to turn tail.

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