Thursday, October 12, 2017

October 13

1035 - Canute, King of Denmark and England, died.

Canute’s reign was incredibly important:

1. He ended the major Viking raids and invasions of England - because he was the leader of the Vikings.

2. Canute was the first of the English kings to be a true Christian.

3. He established the dynastic link between England and Normandy by marrying the Duke of Normandy's daughter...This link provided the basis for William, Duke of Normandy’s invasion in 1066, which completely overturned the history of England, and greatly affected the history of France.

This man, who most Americans have never heard of changed British, French and World History...A pathetic mark against the American education system.

1775 - The U.S. Continental Congress ordered the construction of America's first naval fleet.

There was no United States at this time, but this is considered the founding of the United States Navy...What started out as a pathetic little force of 17 ships evolved into the greatest and most dominant naval force the world has seen.

1943 - Italy declared war on Germany, its former Axis partner:  WWII.

Gotta love the Italians...I'm sure they believe they were on the winning side.

1997 - Roll Call Magazine reported "the Senate barber shop and beauty salon have lost $1.8 million in taxpayer funds over the last five years."

Why in Hell does the Senate have a taxpayer funded barber shop and beauty salon? These pukes have plenty of money and can surely find their own, non-taxpayer funded, hair-cutters.

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