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March 19

2003 - Operation Iraqi Freedom was launched with air strikes on Baghdad, beginning the second Iraq War.

We should all be extremely proud of our brilliant troops, and thankful we had a Commander-in-Chief who was willing to do what was right for America...Even when much of the world didn’t have the stomach to differentiate between good and evil - including many Americans.

Most Americans also didn't want to enter WWII. The result of sitting out the war from 1939-41 was millions of deaths which could have been averted had we entered the war with the British instead of waiting to be dragged in - after being humiliated at Pearl Harbor.

WAR SUCKS!! It is a terrible option, which should never be entered into lightly...That said, I am hopeful we entered the War on Terror before it was forced on us and had the opportunity of causing the death of millions (like WWII).

We will never know the real answer, though, because President Bush went on the offensives instead of waiting for our enemies to continue their assaults on American soil.

Most Americans hate this war, but I bet they prefer the thought of fighting it in Iraq (or anywhere else) to fighting it in their hometown...Oh, and last I checked we haven't suffered another 9/11. Something most Americans were sure would happen by now.

Thankfully, President Obama didn't back entirely away from staying on the offensive.  Hopefully, President Trump won't either...We don't need to have full-scale invasions, or go to war against any single faction, but we do need to keep the pressure on and keep that pressure in the Middle East!

Just as the Romans defeated Carthage by taking the war to Carthage instead of fighting it in Italy, we must never give them the breathing space to bring major operations back to the U.S...Even though, sadly, there will continue to be small ones.

"If there must be trouble let it be in my day, that my child may have peace." - Thomas Paine

Interesting to think about, though we'll never know, I bet many who were against this war would have been for it if President Clinton (Bill or Hilary) or Obama would have been president at the time - or Gore...And I have no doubt these presidents would have reacted very similarly to Bush, because the reality is they would have had to - the American people would have demanded it of them.

Another interesting thing to think about is I bet Republicans and Conservatives would have been much more supportive of a Democrat president on this matter than the Democrats and Liberals were to Bush...I have no doubt about this.

721 B.C. - According to Roman historian Ptolemy, Babylonian astronomers noted history's first recorded eclipse of the moon on this date.

Of course there were eclipses prior to this time, but the Babylonians were the first to realize what they were seeing.

That said, I'm also sure other eclipses were noted prior to this one...But such recordings have been lost to history.

1279 - The Battle of Yamen:  China v. Mongols.

The Mongol cavalry had long been the dominant land force in Asia, but in this naval battle they proved they could muster a navy as well...Yamen more or less ended the Song Empire, and the Mongols ruled China for the next hundred years before being kicked out by the Mings.

1942 - President Franklin Roosevelt ordered men between 45-64 to register for non-military service:  WWII.

Look around at the American men in this age-cohort in our time...WHAT A SAD JOKE!!! Can you see this group of Baby-Booming POS’s being called on to help save our nation?

How did we go so quickly from the 'Greatest Generation' to the 'Lost Generation?' We better pray my children's and grand children's generations are up to the task of solving the problems my parent’s generation have caused and left us...You should notice I left out my generation, because it has been a useless disgrace.

Sadly, I'm not sure it's going to happen, because the fruit has kept much too close to the tree.

1945 - Adolf Hitler issued his so-called 'Nero Decree,' ordering the destruction of German facilities which could fall into Allied hands:  WWII.

In the Eastern Theatre of the war, the Ruskies took care of this for them, as they more or less destroyed, looted, raped and pillaged everything they could when entering Germany...And the Germans deserved every bit of it.

Luckily for Western Europe, the civilized troops of the Western Allies didn't act as their Soviet partners did...But then again, Western Europe wasn't brutalized by the Germans nearly like the East was.

1990 - Latvia's political opposition claimed victory in the republic's first free elections in 50-years, and reformers also claimed victories in crucial runoffs held in Russia, Byelorussia and the Ukraine.

50-years my ass...These countries had been under the Russian or German boot for hundreds of years.

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