Wednesday, November 14, 2018

November 15

1777 - The Continental Congress approved the Articles of Confederation, a precursor to the Constitution of the United States:  American Revolutionary War.

I hope you know the Constitution wasn't the first form of government in the United States. If you've been following along, you should know this...But I know the 'unknowledge' taught in public school is difficult to break through.

I recommend you read about the Articles of Confederation...It was a system destined to failure, but guided the young nation through it's first years of independence.

1533 - Spaniards entered the Inca holy city of Cuzco

Atahualpa disregarded the 'First Rule of Invasions' by letting the Spanish live a day past the beaches...Then he multiplied the mistake by inviting them into his realm.

The cost of these mistakes proved tragic to the chief, and the Incas in general...Such is history.

1864 - Union General William Tecumseh Sherman began his 'March from Atlanta to the Sea':  U.S. Civil War.

Sherman wasn't a butcher, but he did burn much of Atlanta to the ground...Which you might think of as barbaric.

But, it was men like Grant, Sherman and Lincoln who understood the only way to end the brutality of the Civil War was to force the South to submit...This is the case in every war!!! Which is why fighting politically correct wars is a recipe for disaster.

1939 - The Social Security Administration approved the first unemployment check.

What's the best way to keep people from working? Give them benefits for not working...What's the best way to stagnate a nation's economy? Increase unemployment.

I'm no rocket-scientist, but it only takes a little calculus to put the two ideas together to notice unemployment benefits keep people from working, which hurts the economy.

I'm sure this wasn't FDR's goal, but I do wonder about the goals of those who insist on perpetuating this failed system.

1996 - Former State Department official Alger Hiss, who fell from grace in a communist spy scandal, died.

GOOD!! He should have been executed in the 1940's-50's - a penalty all traitorous scumbags should receive.

There's no way he should been allowed to lived to see his 92nd birthday.

1999 - The Clinton administration claimed victory in a seven-year struggle to persuade Congress to pay nearly $1 billion in back dues to the United Nations.

Check out Clinton claiming 'victory' for giving away the American taxpayer's hard earned money to the U.N...Makes me sick.

We owe the U.N. nothing!! If anything, continuing to prop up this rogue group does nothing but put the U.S. at risk.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

November 14

1994 - After many delays, the first trains for the public were run in the Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) under the English Channel.

The Chunnel is an awesome feet of engineering: A 50-km-long, rail tunnel beneath the English Channel at the Straits of Dover, connecting England and France...Here’s hoping the Brits have a kill-switch to blow it up the next time the Germans plow through France.

Ok, the Germans are out of the conquest business...But the Muslims aren't.

565 - Byzantine Emperor Justinian I, 'the Great,' died.

Justinian ruled the Byzantines for 38-years, and was one of the greatest of the Roman emperors, and also its last great emperor.

I hope you understand the Byzantine Empire was nothing less than the continuation of the traditional Roman Empire, but was situated in Constantinople rather than Rome...Rome may have fallen in the 400's, but the Roman Empire lasted at Constantinople well into the 1500's.

1305 - Clement V was crowned the first 'Avignon Pope.'

The Avignon Papacy (1305-1378) was a period of ‘dual Popes,’ with one in Rome (the traditional Pope), and one in France (a French puppet).

This period is also know as the 'Western Schism' or the 'Period of the Anti-Popes'...Sadly, most Americans (even Catholic Americans) have no clue of this event, but it was a major issue in its time.

1863 – Nathan Bedford Forrest was assigned to command the Confederate forces of western Tennessee:  U.S. Civil War.

N.B. Forrest is one of the greatest commanders of the Civil War, and it is lucky for the U.S. he was held in check by his own superiors. When given a chance to lead in the field, the Union forces he faced were amazed at his skill, ingenuity, and bravery, even though he was never formally trained in the military arts - He was a slave-trader, with exceptional instincts and no fear.

Oh by the way, NBF was also the first Grand Wizard of the KKK.

I highly recommend you read this fantastic book about this incredibly interesting (though terribly flawed) man:
NB Forrest: A Biography.

1908 - Albert Einstein presented the Quantum Theory of Light.

I’m not going to try to explain this, but I’m sure there are some who’d like to read about it:
photoelectric effect.

1935 - The Nazis deprived German Jews of their citizenship.

This is nothing compared to what was to come...It’s one thing to be 'deprived of citizenship,' and another to be ‘deprived of humanity.’

1940 - German planes bombed Coventry, England, destroying or damaging 69,000 buildings:  WWII.

How come Liberals cry about the Allied bombing of Dresden and other German cities, but never mention the ‘rain of Hell’ the Krauts dropped on the Brits and the rest of Europe?? Seems to me every bomb the Germans received was well-earned.

1969 - 'Apollo 12' blasted off for the Moon.

Apollo 12 was the second manned lunar mission, and we must make sure to never forget the greatness of those who have been there. On this trip it was:  Charles Conrad Jr., Richard F. Gordon Jr., and Alan L. Bean.

The membership of those who’ve been to the Moon is very small, hasn’t been increased in four decades, and includes only Americans.

1991 - Michael Jackson's 'Black or White' video premiered on FOX-TV.

Mikey didn't discriminate at all. He likes black little boys or white little boys...Or both at the same time.

1994 - President Clinton held one-on-one meetings with the leaders of China, Japan and South Korea, winning pledges to keep the pressure on North Korea to freeze its nuclear weapons program.

What he should have been doing was persuading China to kill Kim Jong il...There was no reasoning with him (nor his son, or grandson), and the only way to bring North Korea to the table of diplomacy is to rid it of the Kim family of nutty dictators - and yes, it's going to have to be the Chinese who finally get it done.

1998 - Iraq said it would resume cooperating with U.N. weapons inspectors as it appeared to back down in the face of a threatened U.S. attack.

I’m sure Iraqi pharmacy manufacturers were afraid of a U.S. attack, but Saddam knew Bubba didn’t have the spine to come after him.

1999 - The United Nations imposed sanctions on Afghanistan for refusing to hand over suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden.

What were they 'sanctioning?' The Afghanis only have two industries: Opium and Jihad.

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Monday, November 12, 2018

November 13

1995 - Seven people, including five Americans, were killed when a bomb exploded at a military training facility in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Six years before 9/11/01, and what did we do to punish those who killed our troops? NOTHING!!! Because Clinton didn't have the stones to take appropriate action.

Instead he twiddled his thumbs (among other things), and allowed the Islamists to grow more and more bold...We suffered other hits between this time and 9/11/01, and he did little more than after this attack. So, who can blame the Jihadis for thinking they could kill Americans with no recourse?

Luckily when they tried their luck with G.W. Bush they were given a much different answer. And it's no surprise we haven't been hit again - at least not in a big way...Unfortunately, this may change with any future presidents, if they are more in the Bill Clinton mold.

1789 - Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter to a friend in which he said, "in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."

No truer words have ever been spoken...Except maybe an equal truth in our time:

"Nothing is certain, except death, more debt and taxes." - Author Unknown

1806 - Pike's Peak was discovered, but not climbed, by Lieutenant Zebulon Montgomery Pike during an expedition to locate the source of the Mississippi.

Peak is a strange character, and one who's famous name far exceeds his deeds or worth.

The Army sent him to the West because he was such a pain in the ass. The Army brass couldn't stand him and would have been just as happy had he perished in the Rockies.

Plus, Pike never made it up the mountain which is named for him. He tried many times, but never made it. He did make it back East to tell his version of the discovery, however.

1835 - Texans officially proclaimed independence from Mexico, calling itself the Lone Star Republic.

Texas is one of two states which was formerly an independent nation...Along with Hawaii.

Many think Utah was, but it wasn't...Utah was semi-autonomous, but never independent of the U.S.

1913 - The first modern elastic brassiere was patented by Mary Phelps Jacob. She initially made the brassiere from two handkerchiefs, a piece of ribbon and a piece of cord.

I bet many of you've been wondering about this fact...You never know what you're going to be treated to here, so you better keep coming back.

1930 - The first revolving milk platform was used. It could milk 1680 cows in seven hours.

This devise allowed machines to do the work of humans, and sped up the process greatly. Which allowed for mass production of milk and milk products to flourish.

1942 - President Franklin D. Roosevelt lowered the draft age from 21 to 18.

In a time of war, you do what is necessary.

1956 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled segregation on interstate buses is unconstitutional.

This decision was the fruit of Rosa Parks efforts...Sadly, legal doesn't mean reality, and it was many years before the problem of transportation and blacks was finally ended.

1993 - President Clinton used his weekly radio address to make a pitch for the North American Free Trade Agreement, then flew to Memphis, Tennessee, where he delivered an anti-crime speech to black ministers at the Temple Church of God in Christ.

NAFTA is nothing but a scheme to get 'Illegal Aliens' in the country, and I wish the Democrats in Congress won this battle...But they didn't.

Also, what's with Clinton giving speeches in a church? Personally, I have no problem with it, but I can't believe the 'separation of church and state Nazi's' didn't go insane over this...Try to imagine if a Republican gave the exact same speech in a church. All Hell would break loose in Liberalville.

2001 - President George W. Bush issued an executive order establishing military tribunals for the trial and potential execution of any person he labeled an “enemy combatant.” He dictated that people classified as enemy combatants “shall not be privileged to seek any remedy...directly or any court of the United States.”

Imprison them, question them, question them some more, torture and question them one last time, then execute them...Bush's order was much too lenient for my taste.

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

November 12 (A Double)

1927 - Josef Stalin became the undisputed ruler of the Soviet Union, and Leon Trotsky was expelled from the Communist Party.

The Man of Steel finally jumped out of the shadows of Lenin and Trotsky...Both were much more brilliant than he was, and both knew he was a menace to the Party and the Soviet people as a whole.

But Stalin was more ruthless than either, and it was Uncle Joe who perfected the Communist Hell State...It was also Stalin who had the most success at spreading the virus of communism across the planet.

To be fair, it was also Stalin who saved the USSR from being enslaved and eliminated by the Germans in WWII...Even though he originally partnered with the Krauts, and then bungled the first months of the German invasion.

1941 - The German Army's drive to take Moscow was halted on the city's outskirts:  World War II.

The moment they stopped was the moment they lost the war...The Russian Autumn slowed the Germans down, and the Russian Winter did its part in keeping them from ever restarting in earnest - Hitler should have learned from Napoleon's similar failure.

As a result, what started as a German route of the USSR ended up a Soviet route of Germany.

1892 - The first professional football game was played:  The Allegheny Athletic Association v. the Pittsburgh Athletic Club.

Not a huge event, but as a lover of the game it is personally important...My blog, my list.

1921 - Representatives of nine nations gathered for the start of the Washington Conference for Limitation of Armaments.


The U.S., U.K., and Japan were the main nations involved, and at the end of the conference each agreed to limit its naval war-making capability...The U.S. and Brits generally lived up to the agreement, but the Japanese didn't - one of the many reasons the Japanese fared so well at the beginning of WWII against the U.S. and U.K.

1933 - Nazis receive 92% of the vote in a national election.

To make sure everyone has a proper perspective on this vote it is important to point out Hitler had control of the country by this time.

96% of the German people showed up to vote, and almost all voted for the Nazi's. Which means the Nazi's were overwhelmingly elected to lead the German state. Not that the German people had much choice...There were non-Nazi candidates on the ballots, but voting for anything but a Nazi was all but a death sentence. Which is why voting isn't the only thing that matter in elections. Often times, it is just as important to know who is administering and counting the votes.

1948 - Former Japanese premier Hideki Tojo and several other World War II Japanese leaders were sentenced to death by a war crimes tribunal.

Tojo was found guilty of the following crimes:

1. Waging wars of aggression, and war or wars in violation of international law.
2. Waging unprovoked war against China.
3. Waging aggressive war against the United States.
4. Waging aggressive war against the British Commonwealth.
5. Waging aggressive war against the Netherlands (Indonesia).
6. Waging aggressive war against France (Indochina).
7. Ordering, authorizing, and permitting inhumane treatment of prisoners of war and others.

All of which were deserved, and he was executed on December 23, 1948.

1970 - In East Pakistan a cyclone and tidal wave hit several districts, causing the death of at least 200,000 people.

200,000 people!!! All because Bush didn't get FEMA out to the area fast enough....And why did he have to send a cyclone to that part of the world anyway??

Alright, it wasn't GW Bush's fault...It was Global Warming - during a period when the pseudo-scientific EnvironMentalists thought we were going to enter a new Ice Age.

How about this:  Mother Nature is simply 'a mother', and we are all bit players in her game.

1991 - Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev stated he didn't believe U.S. warnings that a revolt was brewing before hard-liners staged a coup.

He soon found out how wrong he was.

1998 - Chicago Mayor Richard Daley filed a $433 million lawsuit against the firearms industry, declaring it created a public nuisance by flooding the streets with weapons deliberately marketed to criminals.

Daley would know as well as anyone what it's like to 'market to criminals.'

The 'Tobacco Industry' was raped by such a lawsuits, and Daley managed to piss away Chicago's portion of the booty...So he went big game hunting against the gun industry.

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Saturday, November 10, 2018

November 11

1918 - Armistice Day: Fighting in World War I came to an end with the signing of an armistice between the Allies and Germany.

After four brutal years, WWI ended on the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month."

So, what did WWI accomplish? It:
1. Destroyed the 'old order of things' (especially in Germany, Russia, Austria, and Turkey)...Which has had massive consequences.
2. Ushered in the advent of the Communist Hell State...Starting with Russia.
3. Saw the beginning of America's international influence on a large scale.
4. Was the beginning of total, unrestricted warfare...Involving civilians as participants and casualties in exponential numbers.
5. Resulted in the death of over 15,000,000 people (8.6 million military, and 6.4 million civilians).
6. Created a perfect petri-dish for the 1918-19 Spanish Flu, which killed over 20,000,000 people.

7. Ended without a clear-cut victor...Germany wasn't 'defeated,' and hardly lost a battle on German soil.

Of all the disasters of WWI, it is the last one which cost humanity the most.

Germany quit the war, but wasn't defeated, and many Germans at the time believed they should resume the battle as soon as they could to reestablish their historic place in the world...And to put an end to the unreasonable reparations forced on them, which killed the German economy.

As a result, what WWI really accomplished was:
1. The founding of Leninim/Stalinism.
2. The founding of Nazism.
3. The resumption of WWI with an even greater and more horrific evil in WWII.

So, we must recognize and honor the end of WWI, but also should look back with disdain on those who didn't bring it to a proper end...Which caused the Armistice to be nothing but a cease-fire between 1918 and 1937-in-Asia/1939-in-Europe.

1215 - The Fourth Lateran Council was convened by Pope Innocent III.

It was here that the Church first defined 'transubstantiation': The Eucharist changing invisibly into the body (bread) and blood (wine) of Christ.

The Council also attempted to define papal primacy over secular leaders, which had been, and continued to be, a huge problem between the various European kings and the Pope.

On a side note, the Council also determined Jews and Muslims should wear clothes to enable them to be distinguished from Christians...Very nice.

1620 - The Mayflower Compact was signed: An agreement by 41 Pilgrims calling for a "body politick” designed to guarantee "just and equal" laws.

The Pilgrims felt they landed in a world outside that owned by the London Company, therefore they were outside the reach of British rule...They soon found this wasn't the case in the eyes of the British crown, though.

The importance of the Compact is it provided for the basis of all governments in what eventually became the thirteen American colonies.

1921 - President Harding dedicated the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery.

1923 - The Eternal Flame was lit at the Tomb of the Unknowns.

I hope you will someday be able to visit this amazing site...There have been few moments in my life more powerful than the two days I spent at Arlington, and even fewer than the time I spent at the Tomb.

1972 - The U.S. Army turned over its base at Long Bihn to the South Vietnamese army, symbolizing the end of direct U.S. military involvement in the Vietnam War.

In other words, we turned tail and left the South Vietnamese to be slaughtered by their northern brothers.

"It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it." - General Douglas MacArthur

1992 - Russian President Boris Yeltsin told U.S. senators in a letter that Americans had been held in prison camps after World War II and some were "summarily executed," but that others were still living in his country voluntarily.

No one should be shocked by this statement, but not being shocked doesn't take away the sting of its reality.

1995 - The European Union's 15 member-states decided to pull their envoys out of Lagos to show their anger at Nigeria's execution of human rights leaders.

I'm sure the Nigerians were really upset by this action...Scared, too.

1998 - President Clinton ordered warships, planes and troops to the Persian Gulf as he laid out his case for a possible attack on Iraq. Iraq, meanwhile, showed no sign of backing down from its refusal to deal with U.N. weapons inspectors.

Clinton should have taken care of this problem during his administration, but didn't have the testicular fortitude to do it...Instead he 'spoke loudly, and carried a wiffle-ball bat.'

Keep this in mind the next time you think about voting for a peacenick Commander-in-Chief.

Question: I thought Billy and his Democrat pals have been saying there was no need to worry about Iraq? Hmmmmmm.

2004 - Yasir Arafat, chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, died in Paris.

HAPPY YASIR's DEAD DAY!!! WoooooooooooooHoooooooooooo!

Good riddance to dead murderers...I hope he suffered terribly, and wish it lasted longer.

I also hope he's getting his '72 Virgins' in Allahville...Of course, I'm of the opinion the 72 are gorillas, and they do the devirginizing.

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Friday, November 09, 2018

November 10

461 - Pope Leo 'The Great' died.

Why is Leo 'The Great'? Well, he was the only person who personally faced off with and defeated Attila the Hun, which is enough to earn anyone the title of 'The Great.'

Amazingly, he did it without bloodshed, and forced the Hun to turn-tail and never return to Italy...What did he do, or what did he say? No one knows, but this event forever changed history, and set the Christian Church up as the eventual successor to the Roman Empire.

1775 - The United States Marine Corps was formed by order of the Continental Congress.

Happy birthday to the greatest amphibious military force in the history of the world...Semper Fi!!

1917 - The new Russian government suspended freedom of the press.

Of course they did...They were Communists.

The suppression of human rights is the norm in every Communist state ever created...Which is why Communism is a failed theory. Even though it hasn’t been exterminated and has found a 'soft home' in Western Liberalism.

1919 - Abrams v. United States:  The U.S Supreme Court ruled the federal government could suspend constitutional rights when the nation faced "a clear and present danger."

Duh!! How can anyone think otherwise? There will be no 'constitutional rights' without the existence of the U.S.

Obviously this is a slippery-slope and must be avoided, but desperate times call for desperate measures...This is also why every American must be armed. To make sure the government doesn’t use tools like this without necessary cause.

1964 - Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara said the United States had no plans to send combat units into Vietnam.

What a sad joke...We should never make such a promise with anyone!

1975 - The U.N. General Assembly approved a resolution equating Zionism with racism.

That's par for the course in the U.N...Reason #873,466 why the U.S. should not be in the U.N.

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Thursday, November 08, 2018

November 9 (A Huge Day)

A third Huge Day in a row...As such, I have highlighted the entire day in blue.
1799 - Coup de 18 de Brumaire: Napoleon Bonaparte declared himself Dictator of France.

The French Revolution was about to take a new turn, and it ended with a dictator.  Luckily it slowed down the insanity of the French Revolution and the 'terror'...It's important to understand, Napoleon's elevation didn't end the Revolution - even though many historians claim it did.

Napoleon was a son of the Revolution, and his rule took it a different direction, but it most definitely didn't end the French Revolution...His downfall ended it.

Bonaparte's reign was amazing, however, and proved to be France's finest hour, but it was temporary and came with a tremendous cost for all of Europe.

1918 - Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated and a Council of People's Delegates assumed power in Germany:  WWI.

The Second Reich came to a pathetic end, and the Wiemar Republic followed in it's footsteps...Which ultimately led to the Third Reich and the Nazis.

For those who don't know what these 'Reich's' are: reich = realm/empire.

1st Reich = The Holy Roman Empire (843-1871)...Please remember, the HRE was neither 'holy' nor 'Roman.'

2nd Reich = The Kaiser's Germany (1871-1918).

3rd Reich = Nazi Germany (1933-1945). The "Thousand Year Reich"...Which barely lasted 12 years.

1921 - Mussolini formed the Partito Nazionalista Fascista.

National Fascist Party.

1921 - The 'Unknown Soldier' arrived at Washington aboard the USS Olympia.

It's semantics, but there is no such thing as the 'Tomb of the Unknown Soldier'...It is properly called the 'Tomb of the Unknowns.'

I can't give enough praise to Arlington National Cemetery, and also can't state enough that each American should make a point of visiting this awesome memorial.

I spent two days there on my D.C. visit, and could have spent a lifetime...The memorials and symbols are amazing, but it's the simple rows of headstones that make the cemetery so brilliant - Headstones honoring those who who have served our nation, protecting us against foreign and domestic enemies.

If you haven't been, you must go...I must go again.

1925 - The Nazi Party formed the S.S. (Black Shirts) within the S.A (Brown Shirts).

At the time of its founding, the S.S. (Schutzstaffel) was nothing more than a battalion in the S.A. (Sturmabteilung), and the unit had a meager 300 troops, but was an elite corps.

The status of the S.S. remained in this order, until Heinrich Himmler took over in 1929...Amazingly, within three years, Himmler enlarged the S.S. to over 52,000 troops. All of which were personally loyal and bound by oath to Hitler and Himmler

S.S. Motto: "Meine Ehre heißt Treue" = "My honor is called loyalty."

It only took five years for Himmler to turn the tables on the S.A., with the Night of the Long Knives, where the S.S. killed most of the S.A. leadership and either killed or assimilated its masses.

1938 - Kristallnacht: Nazis burned and looted temples and Jewish-owned stores and houses in Germany, Austria and the Sudetenland in a Reich-wide pogrom.

Also called 'The Night of the Broken Glass,' 'Reichskristallnacht,' and 'Pogromnacht' in reference to broken glass on the streets during this Jewish pogrom.

By this time, Himmler's S.S. had consolidated absolute power in the Reich, and used this event to kill and terrorize Germany's Jewish population (not that it hadn't for years)...200 synagogues were destroyed; 7,500 Jewish shops looted; and 30,000 male Jews were sent to concentration camps.

Oh by the way, it's not coincidental this event happened on November 9th. Look above, and you will see this was the S.S.'s birthday.

1953 - The U.S. Supreme Court upheld a 1922 ruling that Major League Baseball did not come within the scope of federal antitrust laws.

How is Major League Baseball one of the only interstate businesses in the U.S. with an antitrust exemption?

Make no mistake, the owners handpicked Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis as commissioner with this lawsuit in mind...And his influence in this court ruling was huge.

1989 – The Berlin Wall ‘fell’: East Germans on foot and in cars began arriving in West Germany and West Berlin only hours after the East German government threw open its border to the West.

This is one of the great events of my life...I was 19 years old, and remember watching in amazement as this horrible monument to tyranny was toppled and crossed over.

The Iron Curtain was being shredded and the chains of Soviet Communism were falling apart with each succeeding month...A truly magical moment, and an event which forever helped form my worldview.

1995 - In a pair of telephone interviews, O. J. Simpson told Associated Press reporter Linda Deutsch that people have supported rather than shunned him since his acquittal, and he has learned that fame and wealth are illusions: "The only thing that endures is character."

Only one person could have schooled O.J. so well in the delicate 'Art of Bullshitting': Bill Clinton.

At least Bill hasn't killed his wife...YET!  :)

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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

November 8 (Another Huge Day)

Another day of huge events...As such each will be highlighted in blue.
641 - Alexandria, Egypt, fell to Islam.

Alexandria was one of the greatest cities in the ancient world, but he Byzantines had no chance of holding it against the Muslim Horde...Unfortunately it will never reclaim its former greatness - not as long as it's held by barbarians who seems to 'advance in reverse', that is.

General Amr Ibn al-As's letter to Caliph Omar: "I have taken the city, which contains' 4,000 palaces, 4,000 baths, 12,000 dealers in fresh oil, 12,000 gardeners, 40,000 Jews who pay tribute, 400 theatres or places of amusement."

Needless to say, the great city has remained in Muslim hands for almost 1,400 years, and probably will for another 1,400.

1519 - Cortes entered Tenochtitlan, capital of the Aztecs.

Rule #1 of Invasions: "Do not allow the invader off the beach"...And surely don’t meet and play nice with them.

Not understanding this rule cost the Aztecs - and the rest of the original Americans - their civilizations.

1864 - Abraham Lincoln was elected to his second term as U.S. President.

Thankfully George McClellan didn’t win the election, after running on a platform to 'end the war'...Which would have resulted in an untenable situation between the U.S.A. and C.S.A.

1917 - The Council of People's Commissars was established as the new government of Russia, and named Lenin as Chairman, Trotsky as Foreign Commissar and Stalin as Commissar of Nationalities.

An awesome triumvirate! Lenin and Trotsky were the brains, Stalin and Trotsky the muscle.

You should notice Trotsky made both lists...But his muscle was nowhere near that of Stalin’s, which is why Stalin became Lenin’s eventual successor.

1923 – The Beer-Hall Putsch: Adolf Hitler launched his first attempt at seizing power with a failed coup in Munich.

This was a pathetic attempt, with little more than a rag-tag group of Nazi’s...But it was a turning-point in Nazi history. A turning-point because Hitler wasn’t killed in the battle, or given a death sentence for trying to overthrow the government. Instead it showed he had to take over Germany at the ballot-box. Amazingly, he did just that in less than 10-years.

FYI: This battle is also where the brilliant, strong, energetic, Herman Goering began his decline towards becoming a pathetic, fat, degenerate...Goering was shot in the groin, which led him to pain medication addiction - as well as further addictions - obesity and megalomania.

1933 - President Franklin Roosevelt created the Civil Works Administration, designed to create jobs for more than four million unemployed Americans.

1. Creating jobs isn’t the government’s function.

2. Creating these artificial jobs didn’t work worth a damn...The Depression wasn’t halted by one single minute due to FDR's New Deal schemes.

3. The New Deal probably stagnated the economy and caused the Depression to last longer than it should have lasted.

All of which are something to keep in mind in future recessions...Sadly, it's not something the government will ever learn - because the people will never learn that it's not the job of the government, and will force the government into such poor choices.

1942 - Operation Torch began:  WWII.

This was the first large-scale action for the Americans in WWII, who landed with a combined 400,000 man Allied force...And it’s important to note this invasion was in French North Africa, against the combined German and Vichy France forces.

The Western Allies attacked Hitler’s 'Soft Underbelly,' which allowed them to eliminate the Vichy SOBs, end any chance of the Nazi’s taking the Middle Eastern oil fields, and was a much better training-ground for American troops than the European meat-grinder would have been.

Plus, it allowed the Soviets to absorb the majority of the German blow in 1942-43...Sorry Uncle Joe, you double-crossing bastard.

1942 - Hitler proclaimed the fall of Stalingrad:  WWII.

Nostradamus he was not...Instead Stalingrad became the site of Germany’s worst loss - a true 'Kessel.'

Hitler was a political genius, but militarily he was a complete moron...Thankfully!

1950 – The first jet-plane battle in history took place:  Korean War.

USAF Lieutenant Russell J. Brown shot down a North Korean MiG-15, and a new age in warfare began.

1956 – The U.N. demanded the USSR leave Hungary; a demand which was ignored.

Hahahaha! I hope I’m not the only one who finds humor in the Circle Jerk Group’s demands…They can’t even make demands on countries like Haiti, let alone the world’s superpowers. Well, except the weak-kneed U.S., that is.

1960 - Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy defeated Vice President Richard Nixon for the presidency in a cliffhanger.

'Cliffhanger' = Mob voter fraud?

Hmmmmmmm. I can’t find that definition in any of my dictionaries.

Make no mistake, this election in 1960 greatly influenced the Nixon team's problems in the 1972 election.

1994 - Midterm elections resulted in Republicans winning a majority in the Senate while at the same time gaining control of the House for the first time in 40-years.

It only took 2-years for Clinton to piss off enough people to lose the House and Senate...Which is part of the reason his presidency had any success.

I hope you understand the second part of that statement...Obama was forced into the same Congressional situation, but unlike Clinton he didn't learn the lessons.  Which is why his presidency was a constant battle, because he chose to 'RULE' against the will of the people.

1994 - California voters approved Proposition 187, designed to deny education and social services and non-emergency health care to illegal aliens.

Voters passed the initiative by a 59% to 41% margin...But the courts immediately blocked the new law, and have tied up the measure to this day.

So much for the 'will of the people'...It's funny how Liberals are all for denying 'democracy' when it doesn't fit their needs, but cling to it when it does.  Funny in a sick way, that is.

1997 - Chinese engineers diverted the Yangtze River to make way for the Three Gorges Dam, the most ambitious construction project in modern China's history.

This is an awesome project, matching that of any in the history of the world.

My favorite part is the Chinese government more or less telling people in the way of the new water-flow to 'get out of the way or become part of the project'...Such is the value of life when you hit the billion people mark. Or in Communist countries.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

November 7 (A Huge Day)

There are too many big events on this day to only highlight one...Therefore, each will be highlighted in blue

1793 - The French Revolution abolished Christianity in favor of 'Reason.'

"Those who cease to believe in God don't believe in nothing, they believe in anything." - G.K. Chesterton

This event is one of many separating the French Revolution from the American Revolution...America is a country created on the principles of  'liberty' and the values of Judeo-Christian moral standards; France (most of Western Europe) is a based on 'equality' and no moral standards.

It was one thing for the French to abandon Christianity, but it's another to claim they were heading towards 'reason.' If anything the French Revolution proved to be one of the most 'unreasonable' events in pre-WWII European history.

1811 - The Battle of Tippecanoe.

U.S. General William Henry Harrison defeated the Shawnee Indians, led by Tecumseh.

Tecumseh was a brilliant leader, and attempted to create Indian alliances to confront the oncoming U.S...But the Indians were never able to unite for a common cause, which is why the 'white man' was able to land in the New World and eventually dominate it.

Harrison used his popularity after this battle to propel himself to the presidency in the 1840 election...His campaign slogan was: 'Tippecanoe and Tyler Too' (John Tyler was his V.P.).

1874 - The Republican Party was first symbolized as an elephant in a cartoon drawn by Thomas Nast in Harper's Weekly magazine.

I've always wondered where this symbol came from, so here we go:

"Nast invented another famous symbol - the Republican elephant. In a cartoon that appeared in Harper's Weekly in 1874, Nast drew a donkey clothed in lion's skin, scaring away all the animals at the zoo. One of those animals, the elephant, was labeled 'The Republican Vote.' That's all it took for the elephant to become associated with the Republican Party." - Fact Monster

1876 - The presidential election between Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel Tilden was so close there was no discernible winner.

I know some think the 2000 Election was the first close, contested, U.S. Presidential election, but that's only because the American Education Propagandameisters have done a good job brainwashing America's youth.

This election was as close as possible, and it's more than likely Tilden was cheated in Louisiana, which was stolen for Hayes...But it should be noted, Tilden cheated as well, which is why he eventually settled on a deal.

The Hayes-Tilden Compromise gave Hayes the Electoral College votes needed to win the election (by 1 vote), in exchange for agreeing to end the Federal presence in the South...Which finally put an end to the Civil War.

1900 - Heinrich Himmler, Head of the Nazi S.S. and organizer of the Nazi extermination camps was born.

The 'Chicken Farmer' is one of the most hideous people in world history, and his birth is only noted because this is one abortion the world could have done better by having.

1917 (October 25 on the old Russian Calendar) - The Bolsheviks under Vladimir Lenin overthrew the provisional government of Alexander Kerensky in Petrograd.

The Mensheviks feared Lenin more than anyone else, and their fears were realized...They knew him well, because the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks were originally united.

In the early 1900's, the Communist movement split in two because the majority of the group refused to allow Lenin to dominate it...As a result, Lenin was isolated but went on to win the battle of wits and gained the support of the Russian working-class.

Lenin also had an ace up his sleeve in the form of Leon Trotsky, who proved to be the second most important figure in the Russian Revolution, and the Russian Civil War which followed.

1944 - President Franklin Roosevelt was re-elected to a record fourth term.

I went over his re-election on November 6th, and ditto my statement here...#3 should never have happened - let alone #4.

1986 - The Simpson-Mazzoli Immigration Act was signed into law by President Reagan, permitting millions of illegal immigrants to remain in the country legally.

Reagan was a great president, and a hero of the Conservative movement, but this act was a horrible decision - with tremendous long-term repercussions.

1. It rewarded millions for breaking the law.

2. It encouraged millions more to break the law in the hope another president would recognize their legal status as well...Unfortunately, I'm afraid we are eventually heading this way again with who-knows-how-many more illegals.

2000 - The U.S. Presidential election ended with the count for the two primary candidates, Gore and Bush, being so close as to make the results a statistical tie.

This wasn't a Constitutional crisis, as many idiots called it, and it certainly wasn't the first contested election in U.S. history (see 1876 election, above)...It was a chance for the Constitution to prove itself.

The importance of the Constitution, of a free democracy in general, is to determine who will lead a nation, through the will of the people instead of with arms...Never forget the 'Clausewitz-Pero Corollary':

"War is the continuation of Politics by other means" - Clausewitz

"Politics is the continuation of War by other means" - Pero

The beauty of peaceful democracy is it solves the question of governance without bloodshed. Democracy is always messy, because it is war without warfare (political war)...Which is a far superior method to the only other alternative: War with warfare (civil war).

2004 - Iran and a European delegation of nations reached a preliminary agreement on Iran's nuclear program at talks hoped to avoid a U.N. showdown. The UK, France and Germany persuaded Iran to suspend its uranium enrichment program.

They did??? Seems to me the Euro's accomplished nothing...Which is a little more than was expected of them.

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Monday, November 05, 2018

November 6 (A Triple)

1860 - Abraham Lincoln was elected U.S. President.

Lincoln defeated three other candidates (John C. Breckenridge, John Bell and Steven Douglas), but it's important to note he received less than 40% of the total popular vote...Keep this in mind when you hear people complain about the Electoral College System.

The election result was unacceptable to the South, and led to the Civil War, which had to be fought, because the country would never have reached a political agreement to end slavery...Also, keep this in mind the next time you hear a Liberal idiot claim "war is never the answer."

Sometimes war is the only answer.

1917 - The October Revolution began in Russia, with the capture of the Winter Palace.

The dates for this event (all pre-Soviet dates) are confusing, and many ask why this event is called the October Revolution. It's because the Russians hadn't joined Western civilization in using the Gregorian Calendar...At the time of the event, it was October 25 in Russia, equating to November 6 on the Western calendar - even though it was November 7 most everywhere else on earth.

The October Revolution is also called the Bolshevik Revolution, because it was where Lenin and the Bolsheviks took power.  The Menshevik period came to an end, and the Leninist period began...Lenin was a political genius, and understood how to take advantage of the psyche of the masses, which allowed him to become the master of all of Russia. He also had nerves of steel, and brilliant instincts.

Oh, and he was also a ruthless son of a bitch.

The Soviet Hell State lasted over 70-years, and proved to be one of the most barbaric systems in world history. Unfortunately, it was at this event where the worm turned and the history of Communist Russia was settled...It would be a Leninist/Stalinist Communism, not a Menshevik Communism - not that a Menshevik state would have been great.

The reality of this event effected not only Russia, but the entire world for the rest of the 20th Century, and well beyond.

1991 - Russian President Boris Yeltsin banned the Communist Party.

It's hard to believe, but there are many Ruskies who long for the return of the Commies...And then there are the American Liberals who still hate Reagan for his part in the fall of the USSR.

Also, Yeltsin's timing wasn't by chance. He picked the day to kill off Russian Communism on the day of the October Revolution.

1861 - Jefferson Davis was elected President of the Confederate States of America.

Davis had an accomplished U.S. military and political career, but it was as President of the CSA where he made his mark on history.

In all fairness to the man's talents, it should be noted there were few leaders who could have held the CSA together as long as he did, even though it was eventually defeated.

2000 - The Reuters news agency reported a new decree in Afghanistan proclaimed that the state "will not provide any services to men without beards."

Nor the women “without beards.”

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Sunday, November 04, 2018

November 5

1940 - President Franklin D. Roosevelt was re-elected U.S. President for a historic third time, defeating Wendell Wilkie.

George Washington established the precedent of presidents serving no more than two terms, because he believed the nation needed a constant inflow of new leadership to remain vibrant - and honest.

The egomaniac FDR thought otherwise...No president should have stayed in office longer than two terms. FDR not only did three, he did four.

1556 - The Battle of Panipat.

Mughal ruler, Akhbar the Great routed the Hindus under Hemu by turning their elephants in the Hindu revolt. The result of this battle was the end of a period of Afghan rule in India.

1775 - Commodore Esek Hopkins was named Commander in Chief of the Continental Navy:  American Revolutionary War.

The Colonial fleet was a rag-tag group, but managed to do enough to hassle the Brits and force them out of strategic positions, which helped Washington's army.

1862 - Ambrose Burnside replaced General McClellan as head of the U.S. Army of the Potomac:  U.S. Civil War.

Lincoln replaced one incompetent commander with another.

How incompetent was Burnside? So much so, he asked Lincoln to change his mind and choose another commander...Lincoln refused, and the general went on to prove his incompetence at the Battle of Fredericksburg.

1912 - Woodrow Wilson was elected President of the United States.

Not a big event, but Wilson is the answer to an interesting election fact: Wilson is the only president to defeat two former presidents (Taft and Theodore Roosevelt) in one election.

He is also the first truly Liberal American president.

1914 - Britain, France, and Russia declared war on Turkey: WWI.

I hope you know the European powers weren’t the only ones in WWI...The Ottoman Empire was a pathetic mess, but required a final whipping before it disappeared from history.

1996 - California's Proposition 209 passed. Also known as the California Civil Rights Initiative, CCRI passed by a 10% margin.

A 10% majority is a significant voting total, and the people of California raised their voice by punching their ballots...A great day for the people, who stood up and said discrimination against any people (including whites) was unacceptable.

It didn't take long for the lawyers to get involved, though, with a lawsuit filed in less than 24 hours of the proposition passing.

So much for the "will of the people." Liberals much prefer the "will of the courts"...Liberal courts that is.

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Saturday, November 03, 2018

November 4 (A Triple)

1979 - The Iran Hostage Crisis began when Iranian militants attacked the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Some hostages were released a few weeks later, but 52 hostages were kept captive for 444 days.

President Jimmy Carter allowed American citizens to be held captive for 444 days!!!

Not only did he subject these Americans to such a horror, but in doing so he emboldened the Islamists. A fact which has carried a heavy price from then to today...Unfortunately, every president who followed Carter did little more to stop Islamic terror. Until, Dubya came along that is.

The Middle Eastern dirt-farmers understand one thing, and one thing only: They understand ass kickings!!! They understand a 'Strong horse'...
Everything else is a joke to them, and if we aren't the 'Strong Horse' giving the ass kickings, we will surely receive them.

Keep this in mind every time you hear our enemies say they long for Democrats to take control of the government. The reason is painfully obvious...As Obama proved.

That said, we need to remember there is a difference between militarily dominating the Middle East and politically/culturally doing so...There is no reason we can't be the dominant military power in the region, but we can never get them to be like us.  This was Bush's mistake; along with Obama. 

Hopefully Trump learns this lesson.
1980 - Ronald Reagan was elected U.S. President, defeating Jimmy Carter.

THANK GOD!!! Jimmy Carter was the worst American president of the 20th Century, and Reagan proved to be one of the best.

It's ironic the Peanut Farmer took this electoral beating on the same date he allowed the Iranians to give him his worst beating.

Also, this election is important because it began the 'Conservative Period' in American History: 1980-2008.
2008 - Barack Obama was elected President of the United States.

Love him or hate him, there's no denying this accomplishment makes Obama the most important black man in U.S. history...Unfortunately, being black is the only thing he proved to be good at as president.

Also, this election ended the 'Conservative Period' in American History:  1980-2008.

*If you are paying attention to the 'Periods' listed above, you should note the 'Liberal Period' in American History was 1933-1968...1968-1980 was a 'Lost Period.'

644 - Umar of Arabia, second Caliph of Islam, was assassinated at Medina and succeeded as caliph by Uthman. On his deathbed Umar named a council to choose the next caliph. The council appointed Uthman.

I'm quite certain Umar wouldn't have named Uthman...Especially if he knew Uthman was the one who had him assassinated.

1791 - Miami Indian Chief Little Turtle led the powerful force of Miami, Wyandot, Iroquois, Shawnee, Delaware, Ojibwa and Potawatomi who inflicted the greatest defeat ever suffered by the U.S. Army at the hands of North American Indians. Some 623 regulars led by General Arthur St. Clair were killed and 258 wounded on the banks of the Wabash River near present day Fort Wayne, Indiana.

This was a crushing defeat for the new nation, and caused it to increase the size of its army significantly...These type of victories for the Indians soon became more and more rare, and the tables were turned in a grand way.

1798 - The U.S. Congress agreed to pay a yearly tribute to Tripoli, considering it the only way to protect U.S. shipping.

'Paying tribute' to pirates is despicable, and the U.S. didn't put up with it for long...You should be familiar with the famous line in the Marine Hymn: "From the Halls of Montezuma, To the Shores of Tripoli."

The second half of the line is from the ass kicking we eventually gave these pirates...Return to the top if you need a reminder why this is necessary.

1939 - The U.S. Neutrality Act repealed the arms embargo (Neutrality Act of August 31, 1935) and authorized 'cash and carry' exports of arms and munitions to belligerent powers:  WWII.

Gotta love a bill called a 'Neutrality Act' which declares an end to 'neutrality.'

FDR and Congress would have been much more honorable had they entered WWII in 1939 instead of agreeing to profit on the war...But then again, the words honor and politician rarely go together.

1956 - The Soviet Union crushed the Hungarian independence movement by sending tanks into Budapest.

The official Soviet explanation for entering Hungary:

"The Soviet troops have temporarily entered Budapest on request from the Revolutionary Workers and Peasants' Government, to give brotherly aid to the Hungarian people in their struggle to protect the fruits of their socialist efforts, to crush the counter-revolution, to avert the Fascist danger etc., etc."

In other words, the Soviets came in to 'liberate' Hungary from itself...In the Land of the Gulag anything was possible, and I'm sure they felt this was a true statement.

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Friday, November 02, 2018

November 3 (A Double)

1534 - The English Parliament passed an Act of Supremacy making King Henry VIII Head of the Church of England; a role formerly held by the Pope.

"...the only supreme head in earth of the Church in England and that the English crown shall enjoy all honours, dignities, preeminences, jurisdictions, privileges, authorities, immunities, profits, and commodities to the said dignity."

Prior to being excommunicated, Henry was given the title of 'Defender of the Faith' for condemning Martin Luther...But nothing is forever, and Henry and the Pope fell into disfavor over a woman: Catherine of Aragon.

Interesting enough, it was another woman who repealed this act: Henry's daughter, Queen Mary I...And another who re-instituted it: Henry's other daughter, Elizabeth I.

It's important to always recognize the importance of politics in religion, and vice versa.

1862 - Dr. Richard Gatling patented the machine gun.

War was becoming more bloody and deadly with great improvements on long and short guns (especially due to rifling), and then this beast was invented - firing hundreds of rounds in the blink of an eye.

War has always been brutal, but the creation of rapid fire weapons forever changed it from a battle between armies to a battle between nations:  Meaning armies and civilians...A true revolution in warfare.  A horrible one.

1394 - Jews were expelled from France by the order of Charles VI.

How many of you thought the Nazi's were the first Euros to crap on the Jews?

Those paying attention should know better, because just about every European nation, and many in Southwest Asia, have either tossed them out or killed them...The Nazi's were just the most brutal, efficient, and recent.

1755 - Massachusetts offered to pay for Indian scalps: £30 for Warriors, £20 boys or girls.

Never make the mistake of thinking our forefathers weren't brutal...Any people can become savages, at any time.

1839 - The first Opium War began: China v. Britain.

The Opium Wars were about sovereignty and trade - between China and the European powers (primarily Britain), which resulted in the establishment of European dominance of China.

Don't think for a second the Chinese have forgotten this humiliation, either...The Euros are floundering and the Chinese are on the up-swing - at some point there will be some payback.

1883 - The U.S. Supreme Court declared Native Americans to be 'aliens.'

Such is the reality of conquest...The Indians are lucky not to have been wiped off the face of the Earth, like many other ancient people who were conquered.

The fact this didn't happen proves the decency of most Americans...And the sooner American Indians jump off the 'rez' and truly become Americans the better off they will be.

1944 - Japan began the release of 9,000 balloons to start fires in America:  WWII.

Had these balloons proven to be stable we would have seen much worse than fire flying across the Pacific. Biological, chemical and atomic weapons were being worked on in Japanese labs - in China...Luckily we figured out how to weaponize the atom first.

1988 - Neo-Nazis broke Geraldo Rivera's nose while he was reporting on the air.

I’m very anti-Neo-Nazi, but am very pro-breaking-Geraldo’s-nose.

1997 - California Proposition 209 (voted for in 1996) survived a broad challenge in the U.S. Supreme Court. The act provided a state ban on all forms of affirmative action.

It is so obvious that discriminating against one group to prop up another is wrong, and the judgment on this case is perfect:

"The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting."

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Thursday, November 01, 2018

November 2

1783 - The Continental Army was dissolved and General George Washington issued his 'Farewell Address to the Army.'

I can’t explain how indispensable Washington was to the American cause of liberty...There wasn't and hasn't been anyone nearly as important to the history of the United States.

The Revolution would have failed and the new nation would have never lasted past its first decade without him...Also, the fact he dissolved his army - instead of keeping it in place and making himself king - is one of the many instances of Washington rejecting absolute power.  Which set him aside from almost every leader in history up to that time.

Just a few of the many reasons he is, and forever will be, the most important American in history.

Read Washington's Farewell Address.

1917 - British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour expressed support for a "national home" for the Jews of Palestine in what came to be known as 'The Balfour Declaration.'

I'm a staunch supporter of the State of Israel, but there is no denying the Balfour Declaration and the establishment of Israel, along with the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire into the many Middle Eastern nations, has created a region that is little short of Hell on Earth.

1948 - Harry Truman defeated Thomas Dewey to the surprise of pollsters and newspapers, in the greatest presidential upset in U.S. history.

Am I the only one who isn’t surprised the press and pollsters got it wrong? Nor that the Democrat magically found the votes?  This seems to be the norm.

Oh, and Truman lost the title of having the 'biggest upset' to Donald Trump in 2016.

1976 - Former Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter became the first candidate from the Deep South since the Civil War to be elected U.S. president, defeating incumbent Gerald Ford.

Congratulations America! You elected the worst president of the 20th Century.

The desire to stick it to the ‘Party of Nixon’ was so great the downside was overlooked...Unfortunately, the nation paid a heavy price for this mistake. In fact, we are still paying the price.

Sadly, in an effort to stick it to another president the U.S. made the same mistake in 2008 as well...But at least the country had the common-sense to right its mistake in 1980, unlike in 2012.

1983 - President Reagan established the third Monday of January as a federal holiday in honor of slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Last I checked Reagan was a Republican president...Of course he was. It’s always Republicans who REALLY elevate minority status, opposed to the Democrats who simply yip-yap about it.

That said, this holiday should have been Civil Rights Day...Not that MLK isn't a great man, but the day should have been a celebration of all those who did so much to help so many.

1991 - Jesse Jackson, who ran for the presidency in 1984 and 1988, announced he would not be a candidate in 1992.

This was an absolute shame...Jesse should run in every presidential race - if for no other reason, he's good for laughs.

1995 - A man claiming to have a bomb hijacked a school bus with 13 learning-disabled children aboard, leading authorities around Miami-area highways for an hour and a half before being fatally shot by police.

I love instant justice for criminals...Uh, uh, uh, I mean, I can’t believe the police violated this man’s civil rights to ride around on the short-bus.

Damn it’s hard to act like a Liberal.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

November 1

1952 - The U.S. exploded the world's first hydrogen bomb, at Eniwetok Atoll, in the Pacific Ocean.

20 tons of TNT, and 1000 times larger than the atomic bombs dropped on Japan...Definitely a huge event in history.

We better all hope testing is as far as it goes, and one of these monsters is never used in anger.

82 B.C. - The Battle of the Porta Collina (Colline Gate).

The Roman Republic was fighting for its life, and after an extended civil war, Sulla emerged from this battle, capturing Rome and assuming the title of dictator...A title which had a much different meaning at that time than during ours.

1755 - An earthquake in Lisbon, Portugal, killed 60,000 people (about 2/3 of the population).

A terrible event for sure, but this isn't what I find interesting about the headline.

In 1755 Lisbon had just under 100,000 people...250 years later this city has over 3,500,000 people. An increase of 3500%!!!

1861 - General George B. McClellan was promoted to General-in-Chief of the Union Armies:  U.S. Civil War.

McClellan was a favorite of the ‘Eastern elite,’ and had a great reputation as a military commander. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the testicular fortitude to put the worlds largest and best equipped army to use...And make no mistake, at this point in history this army was exactly what I stated - huge, equipped, but with poor leadership and green troops.

McClellan spent a great amount of time planning battles instead of fighting them, and didn’t have the instincts it took to crush the Confederates when he had his chances in 1861-62...In other words McClellan was the Civil War's version of post-El Alamein Monty in WWII.

1871 - Gustav Mahler wrote he had become a vegetarian, saying he thought it would regenerate the human race if everybody stopped eating meat.

I wish people like this would stop eating all together.

1918 - The Habsburg monarchy of Austria-Hungary was dissolved.

This kingdom was also known as the Dual Monarchy or the K.U.K. Monarchy = 'Kaiserlich und Königlich.' German for 'Imperial and Royal.'

The dissolution of Austria-Hungary was long overdue, and good for both Austria and Hungary...That said, had it not been for the former strength of the Habsburg, it's likely most of Europe would be praying to Allah.

1922 - Following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey became a republic.

The land of modern-day Turkey has always been one of immense importance, and continues to be...It's too bad in its current form it's much closer to its Ottoman than its Byzantine roots.

1936 - In a speech in Milan, Italy, Benito Mussolini described the alliance between his country and Nazi Germany as an "axis" running between Rome and Berlin.

The Paperboy almost had it right...He should have said 'asses' instead of axis.

1990 - President GHW Bush accused Iraqi forces of engaging in "barbarism" and "brutality," adding "I don't believe that Adolf Hitler ever participated in anything of that nature."

GHW Bush is a good man, but this was an absolutely ignorant comment.

There are few people in the history of the world who's actions can be compared to the barbarism and brutality of Hitler...The Iraqis may have been his peers, though not in quantity, but they were in no way his superior when it comes to either barbarism or brutality.

1993 - The Maastricht Treaty was enacted, establishing the European Union.

What a colossal joke!!!

Since the fall of Rome, Europeans have been hoping for a united Europe...And since this same time have failed.

The continent is made up of so many dissimilar people, and the history of warfare among them has been awesome. Brutally awesome.

It will never happen, And proof of the failure is the fact it is 2017 and there is no European constitution, because they can't work one out to everyone's satisfaction...If anything, it's much more likely the EU will collapse, the euro will fail, and traditional European states will splinter.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

October 31

1517 - Martin Luther posted the '95 Theses' on the door of the Wittenberg Palace Church, marking the start of the Protestant Reformation in Germany.

The proper name for the '95 Theses' is 'The Disputation of Doctor Martin Luther on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences.'

Luther was a Catholic monk, and grew tired of the bastardizations of the Christian faith...Even a strict Catholic would have difficulty denying Luther's claims, because the Church had grown quite fat and abusive.

It's important to note Luther didn't set out to destroy the Catholic Church or to found his own version of Christianity...Instead he wanted to reform the existing church - to cleanse it of abuses of power and un-holiness.

This didn't work out because the Church was far too big for anyone to make demands on, and the Church had Holy Roman Emperor Charles V to lean on for military support...But, both the Papacy and Charles made a huge mistake: They allowed Luther to live. Had they killed him immediately, the Reformation would have likely died with him.

Instead, Luther found refuge in the German states and the Reformation took root - a pivot in European history the likes of which hadn't happened since the fall of Rome.

475 - Romulus Augustulus, last Western Roman Emperor, was elevated to the throne.

What a pathetic figure. He didn’t last long, though, and the Empire was in its last months.

It is interesting to look at the name of this last emperor and its irony: Romulus was the legendary founder of Rome, and Augustus the founder of the Roman Empire...Romulus Augustus proved to be much less than either.

1803 - The USS Philadelphia grounded off Tripoli and was captured by the Barbary pirates.

This event sparked the Barbary Wars, which were the U.S.'s first as an independent nation...It's not surprising it was Muslim pirates who were our first enemy. Just as they are today.

1846 - The Donner party, unable to cross the Donner Pass, began constructing a winter camp.

It was a long Winter - For some.

1914 - The Battle of the Vistula River ended.  Russian troops pushed the Germans back to their original positions:  WWI.

This battle is also known as the Battle of Warsaw.

It was one of the first WWI battles on the Eastern Front, and the Russians were able to overwhelm the Germans due to superior numbers...This was the case for all of 1914 and much of 1915, but it didn't last past that point. After 1915 the Russians found themselves on the opposite end of most of these battles.

1942 - One of the great wartime radio shows premiered, as CBS debuted 'Thanks to the Yanks.' The show, starring Bob Hawk, became one of the most popular of the wartime programs.

This was back in the day when the media and Hollywood were pro-American...Oh how things have changed.

1961 - The body of Joseph Stalin was removed from public display (in Stalin's Tomb). The longtime dictator of the former Soviet Union was reburied in a simple grave, beginning the USSR's 'de-Stalinization policy.'

Uncle Joe is one of the greatest butchers in the history of the world, causing death and suffering for millions of his enemies and his own countrymen...They should have drawn and quartered his dead corpse, then burned the remains in the hope of every part of his existence going straight to Hell.

1968 - President Lyndon Johnson ordered a halt to all U.S. bombing in North Vietnam, saying he hoped for fruitful peace negotiations.

Peace never comes through weakness...He should have bombed them into submission and allowed the infantry to force Ho Chi Mihn to surrender.

1998 - President Bill Clinton signed the 'Iraq Liberation Act' which stated it was "... the policy of the United States to support efforts to remove the regime headed by Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq and to promote the emergence of a democratic government to replace that regime."

Getting rid of Saddam was the official policy of the U.S.

"Today I am signing into law H.R. 4655, the 'Iraq Liberation Act of 1998.' This Act makes clear that it is the sense of the Congress that the United States should support those elements of the Iraqi opposition that advocate a very different future for Iraq than the bitter reality of internal repression and external aggression that the current regime in Baghdad now offers." - President Bill Clinton

So, why didn't Clinton follow through with this official U.S. government policy instead of leaving it to his successor to handle?

It's important to point this out to every fool who questions why Bush took out Hussein. He followed the official policy of the United States, which was signed by Bill Clinton...Clinton wouldn't, Bush did.

I was all for this measure.  The problems began when Bush thought he could bring Western-style freedom and democracy to the Middle East.

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Monday, October 29, 2018

October 30

1961 - The Soviet Union tested a hydrogen bomb - with an estimated force of 58-megatons.

The Soviets called this monster the 'Tsar Bomba.'  And bomba it was - the largest man-made explosive device ever!

Which surely is enough to be the greatest event on this day.

1270 - The Seventh Crusade ended with the Treaty of Barbary.

This ended another tactical failure by the Crusaders, who never could have won the Crusades, because the logistics of ruling the region were impossible for the West.

It's important for people to understand the Crusades were a strategic victory, however...Even though the result was unintentional.

Islam swept through Southwest Asia, North Africa, parts of Eastern Europe, and Spain...The Crusades played a large role in keeping the Muslim Horde from overrunning all of Europe.

If Islam didn't have to fight the Crusaders in the Middle East, it's likely they would have invaded all of Europe, and at least possible they could have succeeded...This is important to keep in mind with the current Islamists. We will either fight them in their homeland or ours.

Also, the Crusaders brought much information and knowledge back from the Middle East; information lost after the fall of Rome; information which helped bring and end to the Dark/Middle Ages in Europe - leading to the Renaissance.
1650 - In a court case, the members of the Society of Friends were first called Quakers because of the admonition of their founder George Fox to "quake and tremble at the word of God."

I'm not a religio, but I love this kind of stuff.
1918 - Turkey signed an armistice with the Allies, agreeing to end hostilities at noon October 31:  WWI.

WWI was winding down, but the world woke up to the reality of the Hell created in the previous four years.

Europe was a mess, and the Middle East was about to be transformed...For the better part of the previous 400-years the Islamic World had been ruled by the Ottoman Turks, which was about to change.

The Ottoman Empire was dissolved, and the peace which ended the war proved to be a
'Peace to End All Peace.' I highly recommend you read this book.
1938 - Millions of Americans were panicked by the radio broadcast of 'The War of the Worlds,' a book by H.G. Wells dramatized by Orson Welles.

This sounds illogical, but the country was on pins and needles...Asia was at war, Europe was about to explode, the Great Depression was in it's ninth year, and the Red Scare was ever present. Try to imagine if these factors were all present in our time.

Actually, it isn't that hard, especially considering the some of those factors are more or less present now.
1945 - The U.S. announced the end of shoe rationing:  WWII.

Rationing during wartime? How un-American!

I'm just practicing for my ACLU registration test...SOB's.

1988 - Responding to Republican attempts to pin the term "Liberal" on him, Democrat Michael Dukakis declared on the campaign trail, "Yes, I am a Liberal, in the tradition of Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and John Kennedy."

What a joke!! These three Democrat presidents would be considered Conservatives by today’s standards. And it’s not even close.

Dukakis (and every Democrat nominee after Kennedy) should properly call themselves “Liberals in the tradition of Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter”...A stigma no one wants to be stuck with.

1990 - The Iraqi News Agency quoted Saddam Hussein, saying Iraq was making final preparations for war, and that he expected an attack by the United States and its allies within days.

GHW Bush should have taken care of Hussein when he had the chance...And Clinton should have as well.

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