Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March 21

47 B.C. - Julius Caesar defeated Ptolemy XII, Cleopatra's brother and rival, at Alexandria, Egypt.

I hope you aren't misinformed enough to think Cleopatra was an Egyptian...Many don’t know any better, and others like to falsely push this ridiculous idea. But please don't fall prey to historical ignorance. Even though it's likely not your fault, because the Liberal American education system probably led you there.

Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in 332 B.C., and between the time of his death and Roman occupation Egypt was ruled by the Ptolemaic Dynasty, founded by Ptolemy (one of Alexander’s generals)...Therefore Cleopatra was a Macedonian/Greek, not an Egyptian by any means.

Oh, and the Egyptians of this time were over 600 years from becoming Muslim, as well.

630 - Heraclius recovered the 'True Cross' from the Persians.

The True Cross is the cross which Jesus was crucified on.

Heraclius was a Byzantine Emperor, and who knows if his claim of capturing the Cross is true or not...Either way it was a rallying cry against the Persians, as many other relics would be in the future against the Muslims.

1804 - The Code Napoleon (Code Civil des Françaises), drafted by Boulay de la Meurthe and others, went into force throughout France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and French colonies. The code combined Roman Law with some of the radical reforms brought by the French Revolution with respect to conditions affecting the individual, tenure of property, order of inheritance, mortgages, contracts, and the like.

In other words, it attempted to Americanize the French legal system - sort of...The American colonies had such systems long before this time.

1965 - More than 3,000 civil rights demonstrators led by Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. began their march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. More than 25,000 people joined in the march by the time the marchers reached Montgomery, Alabama.

This was one of the high points of the Civil Rights Era, and an event which continued Dr. King's 'march' towards becoming one of the most important Americans in history...It's too bad his brand of civil rights activism was exterminated with his death, because it was replaced by a much less productive version - one which focused on differences and hate more than similarities and love.

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