Monday, March 26, 2018

March 27

30 - Jesus was condemned to be crucified by Pontius Pilate. The date, which is highly uncertain, is said to have been set down on a copper plate discovered in 1810, in the ancient city of Aquileia.

Is it the real date or not? This question has no importance, because the event and the effect of the event is what's important...Something to keep in mind for every event.

And this was an event of monumental importance - regardless of one's religious, or lack of religious, persuasion.

47 B.C. - Ptolemy XII, King of Egypt and brother of Cleopatra, drowned in the Nile, probably with an assist by Julius Caesar, who thereby made Cleopatra queen.

Cleopatra was one of the most influential and important woman in the ancient world.

She wasn’t overly beautiful, in fact she was pretty ugly by modern standards, but was a renown seducer of Rome’s most powerful leaders...Unfortunately for her and her country, she chose the wrong leader to seduce after Caesar’s death, and created a personal death-wish by attaching herself to the star of Marc Antony instead of Octavian - not that Octavian was interested.

1513 - Spaniard Juan Ponce de Leon discovered Florida.

The Spanish were far ahead of their European peers in the New World, and the discovery of Florida gave them a head start in the conquest of North America...Luckily they didn't get far into the area of the modern-day U.S., because the areas across the globe which were ruled by Spain have proven to be a mess.

A couple questions I've long pondered:  Did the Spanish ruin these areas, or were the Spanish just unlucky to have landed in ruined areas?  Or was it Catholicism which ruined the areas?

It's an impossible question to answer, but the answer is probably the combination of Spanish Catholicism - along with the fact the Spanish conquered areas with near-Stone Age cultures.

1794 - U.S. President George Washington and Congress authorized the formation of the U.S. Navy.

Six small frigates were the original mandate, but within 150-years this pathetic little band of ships evolved into the greatest naval power in the history of the world.

1802 - The Treaty of Amiens ended the Wars of the French Revolution.

This sounds like a big event, but all it is is a starting point for the Napoleonic Wars...Which were nothing less than a continuation of the Revolution.

1933 - Japan withdrew from the League of Nations.

Four years later they began WWII by invading China.

Japanese encroachment was terribly predictable. It was also logical in the Japanese mind...Japan is such a small nation, with few natural resources, that if it was to become a great nation it had to extend to and through its neighbors.

1940 - Heinrich Himmler ordered the building of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp:  WWII.

Another big day for the ‘Chicken Farmer.’

Has any other man in history ever risen from such a low social status to affect the lives of so many? Maybe his boss (Hitler), Stalin and Mao, but after that, there haven’t been many.

1941 - The U.S. Congress authorized $7 billion in Lend-Lease aid to Russia in fighting Germany, another $6 billion on October 28 and an additional $10 billion on December 15 for Lend-Lease and U.S. armed forces:  WWII.

Of course it was the right thing to do, just as it was the right thing to help Iraq in the 1980’s against Iran...Choosing ‘strange bedfellows’ is a constant balancing act for any decent nation.  The key is to always choose the correct bedfellows.

1958 - Nikita Khrushchev became Soviet Premier and First Secretary of the Communist Party.

Nikki had been the major power broker in the USSR since September 1953, but like every dictator he loved the acquisition of titles...Plus, claiming the premiership limited the opportunity of his political enemies, which were numerous.

1997 - Heaven's Gate Suicide:  39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult were found dead.

I have to admit I encourage this behavior for nuts of all kinds.

2001 - A federal judge ruled the University of Michigan’s affirmative action policy was invalid.

Of course 'Reverse Racism' is wrong...But this country has long gone away from the concept of right an wrong.

The problem is: Why should millions (like myself) be negatively affected because of the actions of those in the past? How is it my poor, pathetic, Scots-Irish ancestors did any wrongs which need to be righted in our current time?

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