Wednesday, June 20, 2018

June 21

1788 - The U.S. Constitution was ratified when New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify it.

One of the greatest non-religious documents in world history was about to be put into play - flaws and all - and the American nation took a new course as a federal republic.

And it's important to remember the Constitution is a 'rule book.'  Not some fill in the blank coloring book, which is subject to the whims of anyone who wishes to re-interpret it...Which is exactly how Liberals treat it - when they aren't treating it like toilet paper, that is.

1633 - Galileo Galilei was forced by the Inquisition to "abjure, curse, and detest" his Copernican heliocentric views.

Galileo's choices: Reject his views and live a life of relative piece, or continue and die...He made the choice most would have - he recanted his position and saved his life.

1814 – The Battle of Vitoria.

Napoleon’s rule in Spain ended with this battle, won by the British who were led by the Duke of Wellington...Wellington wasn’t Napoleon’s superior, but he learned much in Spain, and along with Blucher (Prussian) eventually put an end to Napoleon in 1815.

1945 - Japanese forces on Okinawa surrendered to the U.S.:  WWII.

Okinawa was the largest amphibious assault in the Pacific Campaign, the largest triphibious battle (sea-land-air) in world history, and the last major battle of WWII...Ironically, neither side expected Okinawa to be the last battle, because both expected Japan Proper to be invaded.

1963 - France withdrew its navy from NATO.

French Navy?!?!? Couldn't have been much after the Frenchies surrendered to the Krauts, forcing the Brits to sink it in WWII.

1982 - John Hinckley Jr. was found not guilty by reason of insanity of the March 1981 shooting of President Reagan and three other people.

Hinckly shot four people, including the President of the U.S., and got away with it on an insanity plea?

Of course he was insane! Anyone who shoots at someone in cold-blood is insane, but they should be strung up for murder/attempted murder...That would be too cruel I guess.  Instead it's better to keep a maniac locked up in prison for decades.

1989 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled burning the American Flag is a form of political protest protected by the First Amendment.

Michael Savage is 100% correct when he says “Liberalism is a mental disorder" and "the stench from the bench is making me clench."

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