Thursday, June 21, 2018

June 22 (A Triple)

168 B.C. - The Battle of Pydna: Rome defeated Macedonia, ending the Macedonian Wars.

This is one of the classic battles in history, and the conclusive fight between the battle formations of the Roman Legions and the Greek/Macedonian phalanx.

The Legions won the day, and Alexander the Great’s homeland was finally conquered by the Romans...It was completely annexed into the Republic (wasn't the Empire yet) in 146 B.C.

1812 - Napoleon and the French Grande Armee invaded Russia.

Napoleon lived a charmed life up to this point, having never suffered a serious loss...His luck changed in Russia.

The Emperor limped back to France in December, after ruining his 600,000 man 'Grande Armee' in the Russian wasteland.

1941 - Operation Barbarossa began.  Germany and its Axis allies invaded the Soviet Union:  WWII.

Amazingly, to the very date, Hitler followed Napoleon into Hell...Hitler fared much better than the Emperor, and it took much longer for the Ruskies to chase his forces out, but Hitler’s Wehrmacht met the same end as the 'Grande Armee.'

1535 - A month after the Pope made him a cardinal, John Fisher was executed at Tower Hill in London after refusing to recognize King Henry VIII as Supreme Head of the English Church.

Henry wasn’t screwing around, and wanted the world to know he controlled his kingdom, not the Church.

That said, he was lucky not to be part of the Continent, or his ‘control’ would have been tested by the armies of Charles V...Instead Henry was able to be an instigator from across the sea, and a giant thorn in Charles' and the Pope’s side.

1772 - England outlawed slavery.

A great act, but only one in a long series of baby-steps ending the world-wide practice of African Slavery...The English banned slavery in England, but not in its colonies, and did nothing to end the slave trade, which was legal in the Empire until 1807.

1808 - Zebulon Pike reached the peak which is named after him: Pike's Peak.

Zebulon Pike is an interesting character who gained fame by chance, and did little to deserve such fame.

Pike was hated by the U.S. Army high command because he was a political appointee, not much of an officer, and a pompous pain in the ass. So, the Army sent him to the West as a means of getting him out their hair (not to discover anything - and possibly to meet his end at the hands of the Indians)...Also, Pike was a bumbling fool, who almost died on the Peak, and had to be saved multiple times before reaching his destination.

1815 - Napoleon Bonaparte abdicated as Emperor of France, for the second time.

There wasn't a third time...And never should have been a second.

1944 - President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Servicemen's Readjustment Act - the 'GI Bill of Rights.'

A small token of our appreciation for the troops...And it is way too small!!

1970 - President Nixon signed the 26th Amendment, dropping the voting age to 18-years of age.

The Democrats pushed their desire to allow the ‘mush-minds’ to vote, knowing they have the mechanism to control the youth through the propaganda of the American educational system...Nixon had no choice but to sign it after it was pushed through the states.

I know many will say, if a person is old enough to fight for their country they should be old enough to vote...If we had compulsory military service I could see this, but we don’t and the military is completely voluntary.

Plus, if this were the logic they were looking for, why is it the same group of Liberals who pushed for this amendment are also the same group who pushed to raise the drinking age to 21? The decision was 100% political, not about rights - or what is best for the country, per normal!

1994 - President Bill Clinton announced North Korea confirmed its willingness to freeze its nuclear program.

Wow! Good thing Clinton got this concession...Riiiiiiight.

2000 - The state of Texas executed Gary Graham for the 1981 killing of a man in a holdup outside a Houston supermarket. Graham insisted to the end he was innocent.

There’s a shock! Every prisoner claims to be innocent...We should execute one per day until they are all gone.

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