Wednesday, June 27, 2018

June 28 (A Triple)

1519 - King Charles I, of Spain was elected Holy Roman Emperor - where he became better known as Charles V.

Charles inherited Spain and its New World possessions, the Netherlands, parts of France and Italy, and was given control of the Germans states as emperor...His possessions matched any great leader in European history, but his reign proved to be as tumultuous as any as well.

The Reformation broke much of Charles' power in the Austro-Germanic lands, and constant wars with France, the Turks, and in his own lands made him one of the least powerful of the great sovereigns in history.

1914 - Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife, Sofia, were assassinated in Sarajevo by a Serb nationalist :  The event which triggered World War I.

1919 - The Treaty of Versailles:  Officially ended WWI.

The Great War began on this day (virtually), and ended on it as well...Too bad the factors which started it weren’t eliminated, and the victors who set the terms of the treaty weren’t foresighted enough to see the war hadn’t ended...Germany surrendered, but Germany was not defeated. This fact would haunt the world in less than 20-years.

As such, Versailles was a holding-point, not an end-point, and was nothing more than a stop-gap between WWI and WWII.

1945 - The Polish Provisional Government of National Unity was set up by the Soviets.

The poor Poles...They went from their Nazi overlord to an equally terrible Soviet master.

This is exactly why the Poles are currently one of America’s best allies. They know they are sandwiched between the German and Russian beasts and only American cover can guarantee their independence and safety...It is an alliance of existential need for the Poles, but one they also must be very leery about the U.S. upholding.

1978 - The U.S. Supreme Court ordered the University of California at Davis Medical School to admit Allan Bakke, a white man who argued he'd been a victim of reverse racial discrimination.

If Mr. Bakke has recourse against 'affirmative racism' then we all should...And if we all do, then the program itself must be wrong. This is so obvious it’s painful.

1989 - China's new Communist Party chief, Jiang Zemin, said the Beijing government would show no mercy to leaders of the pro-democracy movement, which he termed a "counter-revolutionary rebellion."

Duh! Dictators don’t go away willingly, and communism is nothing more than a dictatorship with a party name.

1991 - In Detroit, a white woman was attacked by a group of black women at a downtown fireworks display in an incident captured on amateur video.

This wasn't a hate-crime by the way, because it is less of a crime for blacks to assault whites...So much for the concept of being 'equal in the eye of the law.'

1993 - The U.S. Supreme Court kept alive a 'racial gerrymandering' case, saying congressional districts designed to benefit racial minorities may violate white voter's rights.

How is this any different than 'affirmative racism?' It isn’t...And of course it 'violates white voter’s rights' - It invalidates their votes.

2000 - Seven months after being cast adrift in the Florida Straits, Elian Gonzalez was returned to his native Cuba.

Elian’s mother gave her life to get her child out of Cuba - in exchange for a chance at freedom for herself and her child - but Bill Clinton and 'James' Reno decided to return him to Castroville...I will never understand the logic behind this one, but I learned to be surprised by nothing during the Clinton years.

2000 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled the Boy Scouts can bar homosexuals from serving as troop leaders.

I can't be the only one who finds it interesting that the same Liberals who rage about priests molesting boys (correctly) are also the same people who demand the Boy Scouts open their arms to gay scout leaders...Hmmm??

2004 - The United States transferred some power back to the Iraqis, two days earlier than planned.

What a train wreck.  The Iraqis don't want anything we have to offer...We should have whacked Saddam and his henchmen and left the Iraqis to rebuild their nation.

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