Monday, February 11, 2019

February 12 (A Special Double in Peroville)

1940 - The U.S.S.R. signed a trade treaty with Germany to aid against the British blockade:  WWII.

The Ruskies were more than willing to stick it to Britain, and everyone else, prior to Barbarossa...In fact, the German invasions of Poland and France probably wouldn't have happened without the Ruskies helping them with supply - and much more in the case of Poland.

Yet Stalin had the gall to bitch and cry that the Allies were too slow to invade the Continent...He made deals with the Devil, and the Soviet Union got run through Hell in return.

Deservedly run through Hell.

1994 - My first child (Holly) was born...She will never know how much I love her.

I was off serving my country, and unable to see my little girl for the first couple weeks of her life, but I've never been prouder than becoming a daddy...I can still visualize the 'little girl' outfit I hung on the door of my locker - I also had a 'little boy' outfit, since we didn't know which it would be.

She's not a little girl any longer, but she'll always be my little sweetheart.  My crazy little sweetheart.

I hope I've done well by her.

Happy birthday, baby.

1554 - Lady Jane Grey, who'd claimed the throne of England for nine days, was beheaded with her husband, Lord Guildford Dudley, after being charged with treason.

It takes some big cajones for a 16-year old to claim any crown, but it was really her husband who pushed her into the decision...Too bad their necks weren’t as strong as their desires.

1797 - The German national anthem, 'Deutschland uber alles,' was written by Haydn. He didn't write it for Germany - the Germans took the melody for their own after Haydn composed it as a national anthem for Austria.

It wasn’t long before the Germans started claiming much more than just Austria’s national anthem.

1892 - President Lincoln's birthday was declared a national holiday.

BUT IT ISN’T ANYMORE!!! What a joke that the second greatest president in American history is no longer acknowledged by name, instead his holiday has been incorporated into President’s Day.

You’d think Liberals would want to respect this great man, but he was a 'white guy,’ so he’s off the calendar...It'll be interesting to see how long it takes (not if) Liberals try to get President Obama his own day.

1909 - The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded.

Exactly which color are they advancing? They have done little for blacks, and seem to be more involved with 'Reds' than anything else.

1912 – Pu Yi, last emperor of the Manchu (Chi’ing) Dynasty in China, renounced his throne following the establishment of a republic under Sun Yat-sen.

In China 'renounced' must be synonymous with 'saved his neck,' because he surely didn’t give up his crown out of niceness...Pu's lucky Sun was a much nicer guy than Lenin, however, because the Bolsheviks wouldn’t have given him the option of living.

1998 - The American Medical Association called for a voluntary five-year moratorium on human cloning, rather than the outright ban President Clinton backed. The AMA said it supported research which is important to human health, urging Congress not to interfere with current human, animal or cellular cloning research not directly aimed at producing a human being.

The American Mengelian Association didn’t want ethics to get in the way of science...It's pretty bad when Bill Clinton has higher moral standards than so-called 'care givers.'

1999 – The U.S. Senate acquitted President Bill Clinton. The votes on perjury were 45 guilty, 55 not guilty. The votes on obstruction of justice were 50 guilty, 50 not guilty.

It’s just as well because if Gore had replaced Clinton he would have surely won the 2000 election - as a martyr.

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