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February 24

1868 - The U.S. House of Representatives impeached President Andrew Johnson following his attempted dismissal of Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton.  Johnson was later acquitted by the Senate.

1. Many think Nixon was the first impeached president, but this is incorrect. He resigned before he was impeached.

2. Some think Clinton was the first to be impeached...Obviously Johnson beat him to it.

3. Most Americans don’t understand the impeachment process, and think impeachment equals termination from office...The House can impeach, but it takes the Senate to convict and terminate a President’s position.

The Liberal education-thought-police (American KVCh) has bastardized our school systems to the point that we have a bunch of Americans with no understanding of history or civics, and it has been done intentionally...Which is why you must read my blog posts every day.

*For those wondering what the KVCh was.  It was a re-education department in the Soviet Union:  Kulturno-vospitatelnaya chast (Cultural Education Department)...In other words, a propaganda and brain-washing organ.

American Liberals would love nothing more than to be able to establish such a tool...Not that T.V., the movies and our piss-poor education system haven't done a pretty good job of it.

1510 - Pope Julius II excommunicated Venice.

No there wasn't some guy named 'Venice,' the pope was so arrogant he excommunicated the entire republic of Venice...Such was the insanity of the Papacy at this time.  Which is part of the reason the Reformation soon followed.

1582 - Pope Gregory XIII issued a papal bull outlining his calendar reforms, which led to the Gregorian Calendar  the calendar in general use today.

There have been many calendar reforms throughout history, and each was made to correct mistakes in previous systems...Unfortunately, these reforms have also created chaos for historians trying to be precise in dating events. Which is why the important thing to remember about history is events and their results, not their exact dates.

1914 - Weeks v. United States: the U.S. Supreme Court gave birth to the 'exclusionary rule': "Evidence seized illegally by the police is excluded."

No doubt this was created to help legitimate victims, but has been twisted to include the exclusion of necessary and proper investigative police work...And Red-Diaper-Doper-Baby-Lawyers (MS) love it.

1920 - A group of Germans organized the National Socialist Party, forerunner of the Nazi party later led by Adolf Hitler.

Incredibly, within 13-years they had their Fuhrer...Within 20-years they ruled most of Europe.

1933 - The League of Nations told the Japanese to pull out of Manchuria.

Japan acted as anyone given an order by the modern-day League of Nations (the U.N.) does...They laughed as loud as they could and flipped them the bird.

Nothing has changed, and history continues to repeat itself...Can you imagine the Hell-hole the world would be without the U.S.? Who else could have saved the world in WWII (Europe and E. Asia), ended Soviet Communism, etc., etc?


1961 - President Kennedy accepted "sole responsibility" for the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

Of course the CIA screwed up the operation, but Kennedy was man enough to accept his role as Commander-in-Chief.

That said, it's disgusting communist Cuba sits offshore from Florida, and the 'Bay of Pigs' invasion should have been followed up with as many more invasions as it took to end Castro’s reign...This should go for every communist country in the Western Hemisphere.

1989 - A 150,000,000-year old fossil egg containing the oldest known dinosaur embryo was discovered in Utah.

I’m surprised a Mengelian hasn’t tried to mix this DNA with a human to make a Humano-Saurus Rex...Bunch of moral degenerates.

1994 - Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders labeled smoking an "adolescent addiction," and accused the tobacco industry of trying to convince teenagers that cigarettes will make them sexy and successful.

And then she went on a campaign to legalize marijuana...Such is the insanity of Liberalism.

1997 - U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright met in Beijing with Chinese officials, telling them to improve their country's record on human rights, or face condemnation by the United States and its allies.

I bet the Chinese were scared to death at the prospect of ‘Halfbright’ threatening 'condemnation.'

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