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February 26

1848 - Karl Marx and Frederich Engels published 'The Communist Manifesto.'

The communist Bible was born...Lenin was the first to put it into play, Stalin and Mao perfected it.

In Marx’s defense he would have been shocked and disgusted by all of these characters (as well as every other communist leader)...Unfortunately these types of leaders have proven to be the reality of communism, which alone proves its insanity, because it leads to a few questions: Does communism create dictators? Is a dictator necessary for communism to survive?

History has proven the answer to both to be YES!

747 B.C. – The Era of Nabonassar began.

This was a calendar system created by Ptolemy to describe his astrological findings...It has many flaws, and needs many corrections to correlate with the modern-day calendar, which is why there are so many dates in ancient history so difficult to pinpoint, and are disputed by historians.

As a result there are very few ancient events noted with a specific date. They are usually noted simply by their year, and when we are lucky with their month and year - both are often dubious at best.

This event isn't as great as those listed below, but it is important to history because of the chaos it creates for accurate record collection...Which drives me nuts!

1815 - Napoleon left his exile on the Island of Elba, intending to return to France.

Was Napoleon Houdini or what? It is unimaginable how the Brits allowed him to escape.

1848 - The Second French Republic was proclaimed.

France has gone through constitutional systems like a Russian goes through Vodka...They are on their fifth system since the French Revolution, none of which were worth a damn.

So the next time you hear someone speak of the brilliance of French politics, make sure you ask them why France has gone through five constitutions since the U.S. Constitution was founded...The U.S. has had one in this same period.

By the way, I was probably a little unfair with the crack above about Russian drunks, and I'd like to amend the statement to: ' a German army goes through France.'

1924 - The 'Beer Hall Putsch Trial' began, in Munich.

How were Hitler and his pals allowed to serve out short sentences for trying to overthrow the German government? This little bastard should have been dead by 1925.

Not applying proper justice, allowing him to live, cost Germany - and the world - tremendously.

1935 - Germany announced the establishment of the Luftwaffe, led by Herman Goering.

The Luftwaffe was an excellent air force, but the world should be thrilled the 'Fat Field Marshal' was its leader...It is hard to believe any legitimate German officer could have screwed up German air strategy the way Goering did, and it's debatable if the Brits could have overcome 'The Blitz' if anyone other than Goering was it's leader.

1942 - Werner Heisenberg informed the Nazis about the possibility of creating nuclear weapons:  WWII.

Can you imagine if Hitler had been able to keep his head, and not throw out or kill all German-Jewish scientists? They would have surely had an atomic bomb before 1945, and would’ve found a way to get them on the V-1 and V-2.

I’m pretty certain the little psychopath would have launched them, too.

1951 - The 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, limiting U.S. presidents to two terms of office.

You'd think this would be unnecessary, and all presidents would follow the unwritten precedent set by Washington...But the egomaniacal FDR forced it to paper by running for four terms.

1992 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that sexually harassed students may sue to collect monetary damages from their schools and school officials.

How is this defined? The Supremes shouldn’t be passing such judgments without being more precise in the offense’s definition...Once again, this leaves much room for 'lawyerly misdeeds.'

1999 - President Bill Clinton, outlining foreign policy goals for the final two years of his administration, urged continued American engagement in the quest for peace and freedom abroad.

Sounds similar to what President Bush said in his 2005 State of the Union Address...But the world knew Billy was blowing as much smoke as Monica was blowing in general.

1993 - A bomb exploded in the parking garage of New York's World Trade Center, killing six people and injuring more than 1,000 others.

I’m sure some have forgotten this incident, but we must always remember 9/11/01 was not an indiscriminate attack by a few nuts...It was part of a long-term strategy, which included 2/26/93.

There will be more.

1997 - Democratic fund-raisers "explicitly sold invitations to White House coffees with President Clinton." Clinton even authorized overnight stays in the Lincoln bedroom in exchange for generous contributions to the Democratic Party.

To say Clinton whored out the White House isn’t a stretch, and Heaven only knows what 'generous contributions' the Chinese gave him to get our military secrets.

2003 - French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin warned that waging war against Iraq now would split the international community and "be perceived as precipitous and illegitimate."

The fact the French sat out the eventual invasion of Iraq is proof enough to me of its legitimacy...Had they entered I would have wondered what their angle was, and began to doubt its goals. Without them, I had no doubt it was a good thing.

A few years later we found out exactly why the French (as well as other NATO members) didn't want to take out Saddam Hussein: 'Oil for food bribes.'

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