Thursday, February 28, 2019

March 1

1781 - The Articles of Confederation were adopted by the Continental Congress. They remained the United States system of government until March 4, 1789.

I’m sure many Americans have no idea what the Articles Confederation are, because the modern-day school system has completely dumbed-down the public - on purpose.

You should read up on this original system of government, because it is the precursor to the U.S. Constitution. It was a flawed system, but guided the young country through its first years as an independent nation.

752 B.C. - The Romans celebrated their first triumph after defeating Caenina.

A great event?  Nope.  But having a date for any event in the ancient world is worth noting.

That said, there is an interesting fact attached to this triumph:  After defeating the Caenina the Romans abducted countless women from their neighbors - the Rape of the Sabine Women.

Many think the story is mythology, but those who know history should know better than to doubt how brutal human beings are.

1692 - The Salem Witch Trials began.

Three girls were accused of witch craft in Salem Village, Massachusetts.

Interestingly, 'witch trials' weren't limited to Salem or even the Americas, and much of Europe was caught up in a religious frenzy - these trials were a product of this frenzy.

1780 - Pennsylvania became the first American state to abolish slavery.

It is too bad the Framers couldn’t have abolished slavery from the beginning, but they had to deal with the reality of their times, and the Constitution would have never been passed if abolishing slavery was included in the document.

History is cruel, and the cruel reality was the foundation of the American nation had to be solidified before some of the nation's wrongs could be rectified.

1886 - The Battle of Adowa began in Ethiopia between the forces of Emperor Menelik II and Italian troops sent to enforce Italy's claim of colonial rule. The result was a crushing defeat for Italy, which later agreed to recognize Ethiopian independence.

Of course this isn’t a big event in history, but it is shocking to see such a pathetic nation as Ethiopia stomping on Italy...Oh, how the once-mighty Romans have fallen.

1985 - The Pentagon accepted the theory that an atomic war would block the sun, causing a 'nuclear winter.'

The nuclear ‘gloom & doomers’ are a bunch of idiots - or liars...Of course nuclear power is awesome and can kill millions of people, but the power of the Earth (a bit player in the solar system) is almost infinite compared to any damage man can do to it.

Anyone who hasn't been indoctrinated by Liberalism with a simple grasp of physics and calculus can figure out this reality...And yes, many brilliant physicists believe in 'gloom & doom,' because the disease of Liberalism has overrun their common sense.

1991 - President GHW Bush said "we've kicked the Vietnam Syndrome once and for all," following the allied victory in the Persian Gulf War.

I’m sure this statement is a sad one for Liberals, and they love nothing more than the possibility of 'creating' another Vietnam Syndrome - their ultimate goal in our current war against the Islamists...And make no mistake, it was Liberals who intentionally created the problem of 'Vietnam Syndrome.'

2002 - Operation Anaconda began:  The U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.

Only time will tell if the operation was worth it...The fact we are leaving Afghanistan no better than we found it is a scary thought, however.

The fact we found a massive mineral deposit and are leaving it for the Chinese is almost as sad.

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