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March 10 (A Double)

241 B.C. - The Battle of Aegusa: Rome v. Carthage

Also known as the Battle of the Aegates Islands.

The First Punic War had raged for over 20-years, and the Romans were at a break point with their navy almost completely destroyed and infantry losses becoming irreparable...This battle was a last gasp to stop the Carthaginians, and a victorious one which allowed the Romans to regroup at home and slow down Carthaginian supply-lines between Africa and Italy.

The war ended within a year due to the strategic stalemate caused by this battle. As a result, the Western world became Greco-Roman instead of Greco-Roman-Carthaginian - it's highly unlikely the Carthaginians could have ever supplanted the Romans, but if they survived it would have led to a different Western world than we currently have. A fact which has formed everything we are and will become...For these reasons, this is one of the most important naval battles in the history of the world.

1876 - The first telephone call was made by Alexander Graham Bell.

The modern communication age was born with the invention of Morse Code, but it took a giant leap with Bell’s invention...Even this genius couldn’t have foreseen the eventual shrinking of the world through the simple wiring of telephone lines connected to computers, however.

Ok, it wasn't so simple.

515 B.C. - The re-building of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem was completed.

How ironic it was a Persian king (Cyrus the Great) who released the Jews from the 'Babylonian Captivity' and encouraged the rebuilding of the Temple, but in our time it is the descendants of Cyrus (the Iranians) who would love nothing more than to destroy the modern Jewish state.

1940 - Germany invaded Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and France:  WWII.

The Germans were soon amazed at the relative ease required to defeat this pathetic group...Hell, the Poles and Greeks put up at least as much of a fight as the mighty French.

1949 - Nazi wartime broadcaster Mildred E. Gillars, also known as 'Axis Sally,' was convicted. She served 12-years in prison.

How pathetic - 12-years for treason?!?! What ever happened to executing those who turn on their country? We’d have to kill too many Liberals I guess.

1995 - The U.S. Labor Department reported the nation's unemployment rate for February dropped to 5.4 percent, down 0.3 percent from the month before.

This was during a 'boom period'...President G.W. Bush managed to have similar numbers during a recession, yet he was constantly banged on by the media for presiding over a week economy.

5.4 with (D) = Good, 5.4 with (R) = Bad. Incredibly, the MSM found ways to be impressed with President Obama when most of his presidency consisted of 6%+ unemployment - that's the 'reported number, anyway.  The real number is much higher.

Bunch of hypocritical SOB’s!!

1997 - The White House and FBI clashed in a rare public quarrel after President Bill Clinton said he should have been alerted when the bureau told national security officials the Chinese government might be trying to influence U.S. elections.

Of course the White House couldn't be alerted about what the FBI found on this issue...Clinton and Gore knew they were receiving Chinese BRIBES, and would have squashed the investigation before it was finished had they known.

Wait a minute.  Did that say the Chinese tried to influence American elections?  I'm shocked!  I thought only the Ruskies did this kind of shenanigans...Well, the Ruskies and the U.S.

1998 - Federal authorities announced food stamps were issued to nearly 26,000 dead people in 1995-96. The General Accounting Office said in a report, $8.5 million in food stamps were issued to 25,881 deceased people in the two-year period, based on a review after comparing food stamp rolls with death lists in the four most populous states, which account for one-third of the country's 20.4 million food stamp recipients.

I wonder how many of these 'dead people' are allowed to routinely vote a straight (D) ticket in elections...Hmmm.

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