Thursday, March 07, 2019

March 8

1917 (New Style Calendar) - The February Revolution began: Strikes and riots in St. Petersburg marked the start of this phase of the communist Russian revolution.

The Czar foolishly underestimated the power of the people, and soon paid the price with the loss of his empire and life.

From the beginning, St. Petersburg (the Petrograd Soviet) played a vital roll in the revolution, and was honored as such with the name of the city later changing to Leningrad.

Speaking of Lenin, it's important to remember Vladimir wasn't in Russia at this time.  In fact, he was just leaving his exile in Switzerland - with the help of the Germans, who were using him as an agent to get the Russians out of WWI. 

FYI: This portion of the revolution is known as the February Revolution, because of the Russians still used the Julian Calendar...It's also important to understand the Russian Revolution was a series of events, which is why there are various titles (February Revolution, October Revolution, etc.)

1618 - Johannes Kepler discovered the 'Third Law of Planetary Motion,' also known as the 'Harmonic Law.'

"The squares of the orbital periods of planets are directly proportional to the cubes of the semi-major axis of the orbits."

Newton and Einstein are the the 'Giants of Physics,' but Kepler should be remembered as well...Without his findings, the other geniuses may never have evolved.

1921 - After Germany failed to make its first war reparation payment, French troops occupied Dusseldorf and other towns on the Ruhr River in Germany's industrial heartland.

Of course they missed their payment, the French insisted on impossible terms...So the French 'flexed their muscle' (HAHAHAHA), only to give up the territory upon Hitler’s first challenge.

No wonder he had no fear of later reprisals.

1950 - The Soviet Union claimed to be in possession of the atomic bomb.

It was going to happen eventually, but this claim (later proven a fact through testing) was a precursor to catastrophe...No longer could the American nuclear arsenal be used to stop 'evil empires,' because she wouldn't be willing to take hits from Russian nukes herself.

1983 – President Reagan called the USSR an "Evil Empire."

How else do you describe a Hell State which enslaved its population and that of every one of its neighbors.

Amazingly, American Liberals went ballistic over Reagan’s comment, as did the Euro’s. Per normal, both were on the wrong side of history and are now trying to recreate history to include themselves in the downfall of the USSR - or make the claim the world was better with the Soviets.

Equally amazing, these two groups of clowns are repeating their mistakes with the War on Terror.

1995 - President Bill Clinton issued Executive Order 12,954, authorizing debarment of federal contractors who hired permanent strike replacements.

1. How much more obvious can it be that the Democrat Party is in the pocket of labor unions?

2. Why in the world have their been 13,000 Executive Orders?

1999 - The Clinton administration directed the firing of nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee from his job at the Los Alamos National Laboratory because of alleged security violations.

Didn’t this gentleman stay a few nights in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House?

It’s hard to keep all of Clinton’s debacles sorted out...And hummers from ugly chicks was the least of the problems.

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