Sunday, February 10, 2019

February 11 (A Double)

1945 - President Franklin Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Soviet leader Josef Stalin signed the Yalta Agreement.

I’m a Conservative ‘hawk,’ but it is foolish for anyone to claim FDR 'gave up Eastern Europe and Berlin' to the Soviets at Yalta...We weren't going to war with the Soviets to save Eastern Europe, and were not going to beat the Ruskies to Berlin.

Sure Roosevelt was on his deathbed, but he did not betray anyone, and wasn’t swindled by Stalin.

Plus, from the very beginning of the war, the Western allies main goal was to defeat Germany and contain them in the future - at the time, 50-years was a pipe dream...The Soviets were a strong force on the Eastern flank, and to this day the Germans are still cowed from their resounding defeat - proving the 50-year goal to be much more achievable than anyone could have hoped for.

The one ‘mistake’ FDR did made at Yalta was pushing so hard to get Soviet involvement in the Japanese theatre of battle. It was completely unnecessary at this point of the war, and proved terribly costly because it was Uncle Joe’s excuse to openly intervene in China and Korea.

1979 - Followers of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini seized power in Iran, nine days after the religious leader returned to his home country following 15-years of exile.

Thank you Jimmy Carter...This should have been stopped before it began, but he didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to assassinate the 'Lenin of the Middle East.' We will continue to pay dearly for this mistake, because this joke-of-a-president was unwilling to take care of the situation while it was possible at a minimal cost.

660 B.C. - Japan was founded by Emperor Jimmu Tenno.

Of course this date is mythical, but it's a great story, for a great culture and people...Here’s hoping they are our perpetual allies, because their genius and national discipline would combine to make a terrible foe - again!

1650 - Rene Descartes died.

Many will say: 'Who cares?' (myself included)...The reason this event is memorable is because most historians link his death with the end of the Renaissance Period.

1847 - Thomas Alva Edison was born.

Thankfully this genius was born long before the days of mass abortion.

I wonder how many Edison’s, Einstein’s, Da Vinci’s, Newton’s, etc., have been executed in the womb during the Prenatal Holocaust? Odds are, at least a few with such brilliance are killed off in the 45,000,000 abortions per year worldwide.

1904 - President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed strict neutrality for the U.S. in the Russo-Japanese War.

This war was so short it wouldn’t have mattered if T.R. proclaimed our alliance with either, because by the time we would have gotten there the war would have been over.

1943 - General Dwight Eisenhower was selected Supreme Allied Commander of all Allied armies in Europe:  WWII.

Ike was the perfect ‘political-general’ for the difficult task of invading the Continent with a multi-national force...He didn’t have the tactical genius of Patton or the strategic and logistical genius of Marshall (who outranked him), but it is doubtful any other general could have molded such a perfect Allied force.

1975 - Margaret Thatcher became the first female leader of a British political party when she was elected leader of the Conservatives.

The 'Iron Lady' was a great leader, and proved to be the third most important person in the downfall of the USSR...After President Reagan and Pope John Paul II.

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